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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Heists were in planning, from Santa's Penthouse. Bank robbing, car jacking, in masks old and new, Santa outfits and pajamas, more than a few. Los Santos at Christmas is covered in snow, Christmas trees and baubles in the dark, all aglow. Dress like a pudding, an Elf or The Man, If you missed them last year, pick them up now you can. Santa and Missus, pointing guns in your face, Take a picture that's festive, win a million, that's ace! If Rockstar like your snap you'll win the big bucks, ... Read More »
Rockstar are keeping up the good work with another Grand Theft Auto Online addition - this time bringing the spirit of Thanksgiving to Vinewood with the traditional holiday Gridiron game. Well, not exactly traditional... this is GTA, after all! Rockstar have today launched a new Adversary mode, known as Running Back. Available at Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and Zancudo Tunnel, this mode pits two teams of up to four players per side in an American Football-inspired match up. On offense, the titular running back needs to pilot their Benefactor Panto past the other team, with the help of their team-mates driving ... Read More »

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