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GTA 5, released originally on the Xbox 360 in 2013 and then on the Xbox One in 2014 has become one of the sensations of our age. You’ll be hard pushed to find a gamer that hasn’t played it for at least a little bit of time and some people have got to the point where they have two lives, one in this drab, dull real world and the other on the sunny streets of Los Santos. Figures have been released this week that show that in the UK alone GTA 5 has sold 6 million physical copies. That is … Read More »

For those of you still frequenting the GTA online multiplayer, it will be worth your while this week hopping online to take advantage of the many great deals and bonuses on offer. Bonuses will include Double Cash and RP earned from all Parachute Jobs and Drop Zone Adversary Mode. This means you will be dropping in on some big cash rewards and some sweet rep if you pay a visit to these game modes. To take part in these specific game modes all you have to do is go to the GTA V home screen and follow the on screen prompts. … Read More »

GTA 5v is the game that just keeps on giving. Since its release in 2013 there have been so many pieces of free DLC that it puts most other developers to shame. Well Rockstar are at it again it seems and this time they have really been listening to their fans. One of the most requested pieces of DLC was one focused on a biker gang. Well an eagle eyed little squirrel called TezFunz has spotted some code that would suggest that a biker DLC is definitely on its way. It is fairly obvious what the biker section of the … Read More »

Today is the start of GTA V’s Lowrider Custom Classics event week with a host of benefits to all those that play. The official Rockstar Broadcast goes live this evening showing all the new content and features so it may be worth checking it out to make sure you’re not missing any of the activities. So what is there to do? Well, each day there is a different mission that will gain you double dollars and RP with the timetable below: ·         Friday March 18th through Sunday March 20th – Sumo ·         Monday March 21st –  All of the Contact Missions released … Read More »

So you thought you knew everything there was to know about GTA 5? Well now people have found something new. Admittedly, this one is a little less exciting than some of the things found in the past but still, something new is something good. The new secret is another phone number you can call. If you enter story mode then punch the number 1-999-367-3767 (or 1-999-EMP-DROP) a small explosion will sound somewhere in the air. Now you may expect this to fry all electronics in a 2 mile radius but instead you will be treated to a new black theme … Read More »

Rumors suggest that a Christmas themed update may be just around the corner for the popular Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto 5. Within the files of GTA V, specifically a section called EventPlanning, the ID’s LOW_2_MP and XMAS_3_MP were found and had been classified as DLC. This would seem to imply that two new DLC are heading to the GTA world in the coming weeks, one to celebrate Christmas and a second part to the popular Low Riders update which added new cars to the game. Alongside the new cars in the Low Rider 2 content three new events have … Read More »

Starting today and continuing through Sunday, July 19th, The Prison Break Heist (which occurs following the completion of the 2-player Fleeca Bank set-up Heist) will award 2X RP & GTA$ payouts in GTA Online. And for those who don’t yet have the necessary credentials or the appropriate residence to kick things off, we’re dialing up the RP bonuses on select GTA Online activities to help you rank up and Dynasty 8 is slashing prices on high-end properties. GTA Online activities with 2x RP bonuses include: Armored Trucks Collecting Bounties Completing Daily Objectives Crate Drop Collection & Enemy Kills Destroy Vehicle Targets Distract … Read More »

Rock up with Rockstar Norths latest update – Ill Gotten Gains Part II, The latest update brings new Cars, Weapons, Boats, Bikes and the new iFruit Snap-watch to add a touch of technology to your style. Items included in the update are the urban crossover Coil Brawler, the speedy Progen T20, the muscle of a Vapid Chino, the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle, the Lampadati Toro boat and some solid gold KNUCKLE DUSTER’S!!!! Add to this a new Los Santos radio station THE LAB, with DJ’s Dr. No and the Chemical Bro, as always its not just shiny new items that the GTA V … Read More »

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