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Survival games tend to be a wee bit stressful. Drink. Eat. Find shelter. Don’t let that monster eat your face. Warnings, everywhere, reminding you that you are only ever moments away from some terrible end. It’s all bloody exhausting. Subnautica – part of the Xbox One Game Preview programme – seems to buck this trend. These systems –  hunger, thirst – exist in Subnautica, but they take a backseat to exploration of the stunning underwater world. And they’re optional, too; there’s a freedom mode (which we really enjoyed) which focuses entirely on all the lovely stuff, like building fancy submarines and meeting … Read More »

Grip Games and Elefantopia have announced that their hit indie game McDroid will be coming to Xbox One in early 2016. McDroid is a tower defence style game that includes a lot of different elements. McDroid has crash landed on a less than friendly planet with inhabitants that are just a little bit hostile. McDroid needs to repair its ship while defending itself from these same inhabitants. Tower defence is the main theme of the game but players will also get to control McDroid in an attempt to survive. You will have to build a base and upgrade the facilities … Read More »

Q.U.B.E. – The Director’s Cut, from GRIP Games, will be launching this summer, and coming with it is the new “Against The Qlock” feature. Other than a humorous use of the letter ‘q’, “Against The Qlock” is an all-new narrative for the game with a trial feature allowing players to rate their progress against others around the world. Here’s a trailer! Did you qlock a load of that trailer? Hehe, see what we did there? Yes? Apologies. For more news, reviews and competitions, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your … Read More »

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