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GTA Online Gets New Expensive Supercar

We hope you’ve got a ton of warehouses stacked to the brim with stolen goods and hot cars, because you’re going to need some serious spending money if you want to be cruising the mean streets of Los Santos in the latest custom supercar. Today GTA Online continues its inexorable march towards becoming the only game you’ll ever need with a brand new update featuring the Progen Itali GTB Custom – a supercar almost beyond compare. This sleek jungle cat packs serious speed, devours tight turns with ease, and is sure to terrorize opposing racers across the circuit. Endlessly customizable, Benny’s … Read More »

Big GTA V Update Announcement Expected This Week!

According to sources, there is a big announcement coming this upcoming week about new GTA V DLC that is slated for September 20th.  Although currently not much is known about the content but one of things that it is claimed to contain is a new wave of Adversary Modes, vehicles, and modding options. Modding, however, would not come in the shape of Benny’s Original Motor Works, but would actually be part of a new garage setup that would allow players to customise from their own base of operations. As of yet, Rockstar has not revealed their plans but if they … Read More »

Double GTA$ & RP Rockstar Stunt Races Discounts & More

Today kicks off a fresh week of GTA Online bonuses and big in-game discounts. This week you can enjoy double RP and GTA$ in all Rockstar-created Stunt Races and in all Entourage Mode maps, including three brand new maps available today. This week also features 25% of select Supercars, 50% off HVY Insurgents and Insurgent pickup, and 50% off on Sniper Rifles, Launchers, Miniguns, and ammo. Players who login to GTA Online between now and Thursday, August 25 will receive the Red Stuntman Jumpsuit absolutely free. DOUBLE GTA$ & RP IN NEW ENTOURAGE PLAYLIST & ALL ENTOURAGE MAPS Today through Thursday, August 25th, there’s Double … Read More »

Rockstar to reveal future projects soon

Financial reports. Dull as dishwater. “Some company made some money, lost some money, here are some huge numbers that are incomprehensible to most people.” But, you know what? Accountants? Major teases. Major. Don’t believe me? Allow me to elaborate, dear reader. Yesterday, publishing giant Take Two released its figures for the first quarter of 2016-17 (April – June). In that time they made some money, lost some money, sold some games, and delayed some games. If you’re interested in the numbers, head on over to Gamespot’s coverage of the financials. Or do something more interesting, like… oh, I don’t know. … Read More »

GTA Online gets more Cunning, more Vehicles, Bonuses

We don’t know about you, but the Cunning Stunts races in GTA: Online are some of the most fun we have had in Los Santos for a while. It’s Scalextric for Grown Ups on some of the most ridiculous, most fun courses we have ever raced on. Five new stunning races have joined the Cunning Stunts roster, so if you are into adrenaline fueled, high-flying stung action, then check out the new courses from peaks of Mount Chiliad to the shores of Vespucci. Three new wheeled wonders have landed at Legendary Motorsport for your stunting pleasure – the Bravado Sprunk … Read More »

GTA Online: New Stunt Races, New Vehicles & Double XP

Last week saw the addition of the Cunning Stunts expansion to GTA Online. Rockstar aren’t quite done with this update yet though and have add new stunt races and vehicles this week! SIX NEW RACES The Super, Muscle, Sports, Bikes and Off-Road classes can compete, plummet and get airborne through rings of fire in a new collection of Races taking place throughout Los Santos and Blaine County: Afterburner (Bikes) There was a time when jumping through a wreath of flame on a poorly engineered chopper was enough to give even the most jaded patriot a semi. Those simple days are gone, … Read More »

GTA: Online’s New Racing DLC Release Date Revealed

Rockstar’s latest expansion for GTA: Online, humorously titled ‘Cunning Stunts’ (see what they did there?) has been given a release date. You can check out the frenetic trailer right here. Twice in one week, Rockstar has surprised us – first by revealing that, at long last, Red Dead Redemption will be backwards compatible, and now one of the most spectacular and creative expansions in the series’ history. The DLC is set to launch on 12th July – next Tuesday. ‘Cunning Stunts’ is a far cry from what’s usually offered up in a GTA game. Rather than guns, girls and gangsters, … Read More »

News Roundup | 21 Mar – 27 Mar

The boffins getting Xbox 360 titles to run on the Xbox One was a fairly major coup last Summer, and coverage of titles joining the Backwards Compatibility roster is always big news. We kicked off the week with the news that Xbox Live’s Major Nelson tweeted that Assassin’s Creed, Dark Void and GRID 2 all joined the list. Xbox fans have been enjoying the opportunity to play some of their favourite Xbox 360 titles on their Xbox One, with more titles being added regularly to the list of available games. Assassin's Creed, Dark Void and GRID 2 are now available on Xbox One Backward … Read More »

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 Now in Development

In news that will surprise precisely one person (my nan), there’s a rumour that Rockstar are already in the process of planning the next Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6 – or GTA VI, for the Roman numerically-minded. It comes hot on the heels of the Red Dead 2 rumours, which imply that the follow-up to the studio’s 2010 hit western will be putting in an appearance at this year’s E3. Rockstar are notoriously secretive about their projects, so you can take pretty much every rumour with a pinch of salt – and a side-order of 9mm to the face – … Read More »

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