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After Ubisoft’s recent release of the Assassin’s Creed movie, it seems like they have an itch for live action movies as we’re treated to another live action trailer today for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, but this time it’s a trailer for…well… a live action movie, based upon the upcoming game. They’ve even designed a sweet movie poster for it too… War within the Cartel is the subtitle of the movie and has a big name behind it. Roberto Orci (the modern Star Trek movies and the upcoming The Mummy reboot) produces the 30-minute short; which is a promotional movie … Read More »

Ubisoft have released a tweet today containing some small details regarding the upcoming beta for the next Tom Clancy game: Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ghost recon has come along way from it’s early days on Xbox 360, with this title being ‘penned’ as the best in the series to date with a massively open world where you and several team mates can explore the wildlands, taking down criminals and fighting against other troops. Ubisoft have also released a live action trailer to go along with the recently announced beta registration involving a cat and a red dot. Everybody loves a good cat video, … Read More »

Although it’s not due to drop until 7th March 2017, Ubisoft have been slowly drip-feeding us information about the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – and today we got a chance to see a demo of a stealth takedown mission in the campaign’s story mode. You can check out the walkthrough demo right here: It’s the same mission as featured at E3, although rather than a hail of bullets, this time we’ll see how the quest can be completed rather more quietly. Ubisoft have a plan, see, to offer you ‘total freedom of choice’ as you takedown the Santa … Read More »

Since its announcement Ghost Recon: Wildlands has garnered a lot of attention and the hype train has started to chug. And tonight at their E3 presentation Ubisoft did nothing to slow its pace. Opening with a brand new trailer that expanded out to show both the beauty and expanse of the new open world. In it once again new environments were on display as well as bombastic explosive action and the more familiar stealth takedowns that we would expect from a Ghost Recon game. And you can watch that trailer right here. After teasing us with such an explosive trailer … Read More »

Yesterday Ubisoft released a brand new trailer for their upcoming open world action game Ghost econ Wildlands. Showing us more of the open world in glorious detail and it can be described in one word, stunning. The trailer entitled We Are Ghosts focuses on four men as they take on the open world. We are treated to several different types of landscapes that we will be exploring including deserts, forests and even icy mountain tops. As they fight their way through villages they face moral choices and they are both judge and executioner. These choices, life defining moments run through … Read More »

After weeks of build up E3 finally came and, on the whole, it did not disappoint. Unless you count the fact that we only got a fleeting glimpse of Phil Spencer’s ‘Rare’ T-shirt, which leaves us with the question of whether or not he’ll pull his infrequently used trick at Gamescom – coming on stage with on T-shirt, disappearing to let someone else speak, then coming back with another on. We’re not obsessed, honest! Considering the veritable deluge of news this week, we’re going to collect everything – yes, everything – we’ve covered this past week in this one handy space, dividing it … Read More »

Ubisoft conference is over with some great presentations and some surprise announcements one of which is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world game. Wildlands is set a few years from now in beautiful yet dangerous Bolivia, you will control a highly skilled team of U.S. Elite Special Operations units. You are on a covert mission to eliminate the Santa Blanca drug cartel, an underworld power and growing global threat, there will be hundreds of villages and unique landmarks for you to travel and explore. The Ghosts’ upgradable skills, along with a vast arsenal of … Read More »

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