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Today on Twitter Brad Rosetti has confirmed there will be more messages being sent out to gamers who have opted in for the newest preview programme update, Cortana and other elements of this update look great but what does it entail? https://twitter.com/WorkWombatman/status/745396550608650241 Here are some things that can happen while in the preview: Console crash Games may not load Unable to purchase games Unable to download updates Backwards compatibility issues Voice chat problems Unable to download EA Access games Unable to download demos Xbox could completely brick and become useless If any of those problems sound like something that would aggravate or ... Read More »
Last Friday saw the release of a massive, and more importantly completely free, expansion for Game Preview Program title The Solus Project. The announcement came from Petr Ciesarík, PR and Marketing Manager at Grip Digital, The Solus Project's developer via a press release on Xbox's official news site. The press release can be seen, in full, below the announcement trailer: I’m from Grip Digital, developer of The Solus Project, a survival sci-fi adventure game for Xbox One that is part of the Xbox Game Preview Program. First things first: I would like to thank all of our early adopters for supporting ... Read More »

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