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Gamer Logic – Just Keeps Getting Better

It doesn’t need to make sense all the time I don’t know about you awesome people reading this but I have come up with a conclusion from my years of gaming, this nugget of wisdom is ‘It’s a video game, it doesn’t need to make any real sense.’. Regardless of what game it is, the genre it is based on or any other variant – gamer logic exists and let’s get a cheeky peek at some examples. At some point in our gaming life, we have become cornered by the undead. Impending doom is here so what do you do, … Read More »

Gamer Logic – It’s Everywhere

Time for a few laughs on a Sunday We all know about it, there was even a previous article about it right here. Sometimes games have a certain special type of logic, most of the time this logic leaves us saying “Alrighty Then, I’ll just roll with it”. Let’s take a look at a few more of these amazing spectacles, there’s even a few thrown in from you awesome people. First up to is Tomb Raider, a brilliant game we can all agree. So what are the chances of Lara Croft entering a lost tomb to find upgrades for the … Read More »

Gamer Logic – Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Time to raise a smile at some of the games we love If there’s one thing we all have in common here it is a love for video games, regardless if it’s shooting, sports or racing. We all have our favourites but most have something similar in each and every one of them, it’s known as gamer logic. This is where the game allows us to do something that gives us the same reaction, that face you pull if you smell fish and makes you say “what is that all about?”. Let’s take a look at a few gamer logic … Read More »

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