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The talk of the internet since yesterday has been the possible announcement that the second piece of DLC for Dark Souls 3 will be coming. Well now the rumours have been confirmed and Ashes of Ariandel will indeed be the final piece of DLC for the soul crushing third installment in the Dark Souls series. Ashen Ones, enjoy the trailer for Ashes of Ariandel. Available Oct 25th. Preorder: https://t.co/mhjuSRnroPhttps://t.co/zvyzTuzKLj — Dark Souls (@DarkSoulsGame) August 24, 2016 Ashes of Ariendel will be set in the cold, snowy land of Ariendel. In a statement Bandai Namco said "Players are tasked to enter ... Read More »
Dark Souls 3 is set to be released early next year and is From Softwares follow up to the sensational Dark Souls 2. Many features about the game are being debated at length and probably none as much as the magic system that will be used. There will be a return to staple magic abilities like fireball slinging pyromancy and miracles. From Software are also putting a lot of effort into making sure that spells are easily distinguished from each other as your character progresses. "We will make sure that they are not just the same type of spells with ... Read More »
Dark Souls 3 is slated for release in early 2016 and developer From Software have revealed a few more details for us to sink our teeth into. the gameplay is set to be faster and a lot more aggressive than we are used to, but there are core elements from the first two games that will remain unchanged. One example of this will be the ability to fast travel right from the beginning of the game like you could in Dark Souls 2. There will also be the ability to reassign souls, meaning that builds will be able to be ... Read More »
Attendees and viewers of Xbox's Gamescom media briefing, held earlier this afternoon, had the pleasure to see the Dark Souls III gameplay reveal trailer debut. We say "pleasure" despite the tortured undead, hallowed ghosts, fiery swords, and oh-dear-goodness-what-is-that-thing?! Or maybe it's because of, but we'll leave that introspection for another day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cGCQ5YT_6k Dark Souls III has a general release date of 2016. You can check out the E3 announcement trailer here and news on the game's combat here. For more Gamescom news, as well as reviews, competitions and articles, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on ... Read More »
With E3 right around the corner a 'unknown source' has spoke to VG247 about a possible announcement of Dark souls 3 which by me is great news! This is all unconfirmed at the minute but either way its exciting news. The Dark Souls/Bloodborne series is well known for being very difficult for new and existing players, so im sure we will expect no less in dark souls 3. Hidetaka Miyazaki the godfather of the series moved to a supervisory role for dark souls 2 and left Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura to co-direct the sequel. It is unknown which platform ... Read More »

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