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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Has A Free Trial Available

A tweet from the Xbox account on Twitter has revealed that a free trial is now available for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Try @GhostRecon Wildlands [M] for free. Download the 5-hour trial on #XboxOne and play online with friends: https://t.co/VxceQCE1hK pic.twitter.com/Xgh8RYAyHU — Xbox (@Xbox) August 3, 2017 The free trial will allow you to play the game for free for up to 5 hours with friends, and appears to be available right now. In case you’re wondering if the game is something you’ll enjoy, we have you covered. You can read our review right here. Will you be jumping … Read More »

You Can Play 10 Hours Of Mass Effect: Andromeda For Free This Weekend

Xbox One players can dip into Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda for free this weekend. The trial version of the game allows a prospective player to enjoy 10 hours of the game – and is not limited to single player or multiplayer. Instead, you’re free to play whatever you want or as much as you can. You’re just limited to ten hours. If you’ve downloaded the trial previously, you’ll be able to play up to the balance of ten hours. Any progress made will be available to transfer over into the main game if you purchase it, and it’s on sale … Read More »

Portal Knights Free Trial Available Now

The upcoming Portal Knights from 505 Games has received a free trail ahead of its release next month. You’ll be able to jump in and learn the basic mechanics through the first stage, including the battle and crafting system, Check out the full notes below for the free trail content: Make your hero: Choose your class between warrior ranger and mage and customize your avatar appearance through a powerful editor. Explore the first island to level up your hero and forge your unique Portal Knight by assigning attribute points and learning unique talents. You can even find a pet companion … Read More »

Dishonored 2 Trial Coming This Week

Bethesda have announced today that its popular stealth game (although can be completed without being stealthy at all), will be releasing a trial – in case anybody has been on the fence about this title. Come 6th April, you will be able to download Dishonored 2 from the Xbox Store to gain access to the free trial. There is a catch though: The trial is only available this weekend and is limited to the first three missions of the campaign, playing as either Empress Emily Kaldwin or the Royal Protector, Corvo Attano. As tends to be the case with free … Read More »

Dead Rising 4 Now Has A Free Trial

Like myself, many gamer’s have a hard time around the holidays, trying to decide whether or not to buy your mum a gift, or treat yourself to that new game that just came out. That was the case for many of us Dead Rising fans when the 4th iteration of the game came out, and so we were good kids and opted to buy our mum something. Following the release of Dead Rising 4 however, it was a mixed bag of reviews. With some saying it was a good game to kill a few hours, boasting multiplayer game modes and … Read More »

CONFIRMED: Watch Dogs Free Trial Coming Soon

That Watch Dogs 2 got made at all still raises an eyebrow. That it’s such a great game – overcoming all its predecessor’s many flaws – is even more surprising. But we can’t help wonder if the incredible hype and subsequent disappointment of the first game has hurt sales of the sequel. After all, once bitten, twice shy. What better way, then, to tempt doubters back to the franchise than by offering a free trial? Ubisoft agrees, it seems. According to the official Ubisoft blog, a free three-hour trial of the full game will be available for download starting 24th January 2017. … Read More »

Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free on Thursday

Call of Duty’s ‘Tis the Season’ holiday event continues on Thursday with a 5-day Infinite Warfare trial. Heard all the opinions? Want to see what all the future-fuss is all about? Now’s your chance. The free trial launches on December 15th at 6pm GMT (10am PST). Gamers will gain access to  3 modes in the game. According to Activision: You can engage with the storyline in the campaign with “Rising Threat” and “Black Sky,” the first two levels of the game. Plus, you can jump into multiplayer with friends and foes (Level Cap of 15), and try to hold your … Read More »

Spoticast available on Xbox One

Spotify, the music streaming app, and Sony, purveyors of electronics, have a special relationship – after all, the Japanese company axed its own streaming service – Music Unlimited – to partner with the Swedish streaming brand. As a result, there’s no sign that an official Spotify app will be appearing on our Xboxes any time soon. If you are looking for an alternative, you might want to consider Spoticast. Spoticast bills itself as Spotify with music videos – but it instead of drawing on Spotify’s millions and millions of tracks directly, it asks you to link your Spotify account and does its best to … Read More »

Play Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst A Week Before Release

Your friends here at Xbox One UK are here with a quick reminder/public service announcement about Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Got that EA Access subscription at the ready? You’ll get to play Mirror’s Edge from June 2nd, a full week before the official European release of June 9th. Strangely though, the trial will only last for six hours, instead of the usual EA Access standard of 10 hours. Whilst EA haven’t made an official comment regarding this decision, it would be fair to surmise that this is to stop gamers from either finishing the game without actually making the purchase or … Read More »

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