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Free to play Games This Weekend

The Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days this weekend grace us with Rocket League and Metal Gear Survive, with both games being playable on Xbox One for free right now through to Sunday. So if you want to try before you by now is your chance. Rocket Leauge is the most fun you can have with a car and ball. Without bringing serious injury to yourself or other drivers. Metal Gear Survive is a game wrapped in controversy, based in the same universe of the critically-acclaimed and much loved Metal Gear series, this survival action game sees you creating and defending your … Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege Is Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft has recently announced that their attack and defend title Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play this weekend for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers. With their imminent release of Operation White Noise, their final chapter for Season 2 before the third season starts early next year, they felt it was fitting to bring us a trailer that incorporates both pieces of news into one. You can check out the trailer here: The free weekend starts today (16th November) and runs through to Sunday 19th November, where you’ll also get up to 60% off the game next week, should you … Read More »

For Honor Is Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft is offering players the opportunity to try out their Hack n’ Slash ’em up For Honor this weekend. From 7am GMT 09/11 to 7am 13/11 GMT. You will be able to find For Honor in the Games with Gold section, (you’ll need Xbox Live Gold). You’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to play everything that you would get if you bought the full game; Story Mode and PvP/PvAI Game Modes with all 16 Heroes across 16 Maps! Ubisoft will also be introducing a new “Warrior Training Mode” system that will allow users to be able to share … Read More »

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Free To Play This Weekend

Another weekend is here which means another game is free to play for the duration of the weekend. This time, the freebie is MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. Players who are coming into The Elder Scrolls for the first time, once they’ve created a character, will be granted 500 crowns (purchasable in-game currency) to spend on whatever you like in the Crown Store. Also, if you’ve previously created a character during a free weekend event in the past, will be there waiting for you, along with anything in your inventory. Currently, there is the 10 Million Stories sweepstakes going on … Read More »

X-Com 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend

The weekend is approaching and so that means it’s time for another game to be playable absolutely free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and this weeks game is X-Com 2. X-Com 2 is the sequel to turn-based strategy game X-Com: Enemy Unknown/ Within. Move your soldiers the allowed spaces whilst taking cover from your enemies. Choose to attack or defend and then wait for the enemies to have their turn. With a complex and clever upgrade system that changes up how you play, no wonder X-Com 2 is a smash hit, considering the setbacks and bugs it had upon launch. … Read More »

Skyforge Coming To Xbox One In November

A new free to play title is making its way over to Xbox One. Skyforge is an MMORPG developed by Allods Team. Skyforge sees you control an immortal hero from 15 different classes, as you try to fend the world off from aliens. The game has a huge campaign, and an endless amount of content to undergo once you’ve finished the game with both PvE and PvP content. You can choose to pre-order the game with a choice of three Founders packs, and gain access to the game on 10th November along with some premium content exclusive to those that … Read More »

Crossout Review

When you think of free to play games, you’ll likely think of titles that are not up to scratch or those that are synonymous with the infamous micro-transactions. However, F2P has become much more mainstream over the last decade, mainly owing to the surge in smartphone technology. And this is a trend that home consoles are slowly starting to recreate with recent titles such as Paladins and Gems of War. Cue Crossout, a fully fledged F2P post-apocalyptic MMO. Not exactly the genre you would expect from something that comes for free, but can this brave attempt strengthen the reputation of the … Read More »

Try Before You Buy And Play Prey For Free

*Edit – Prey Opening Hour Demo is now live* It’s fair to say most of us like to try something before we choose to buy it and console games are certainly no exception. While we are always informed before we play that, “This demo is not reflective of the final product” it’s clear that if a game fails to deliver the thrills we expect, chances are that our hard-earned will be going somewhere else. This makes it a delicate balancing act for publishers; give too little away and people may not have time to be enchanted by the story or … Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online Free To Play This Week

As of Today, April 10th, Bethesda has opened up The Elder Scrolls Online to everyone for a free to play week. The MMO will be completely unrestricted with also the offering of 500 crowns to blow at the games store. If you decide a week is not enough in Tamriel, you’ll also be able to purchase the title at a discounted price, with all progress being saved to carry over. You’ll be able to explore the Bethesda world of Elder Scrolls until April 18th. This comes ahead of the launch of the Morrowwind expansion, currently  scheduled for a June release. … Read More »

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