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Find out every fatality here and how to perform them We all know that feeling, we have annihilated our opponent and we hear the shout "FINISH HIM" only to then wish we knew the combo for that awesome fatality but end up lightly slapping them into a heap on the floor. Fear not anymore, we at Xbox One UK have got your back with all button combos for those disturbing fatality moves. Also the norm for the second fatalities means they have to be unlocked by purchasing them using Gold Koins in the game’s Krypt mode. Because of this, you ... Read More »
The Nether Realm now lets you FINISH THEM with less hassle The much anticipated Mortal Kombat X now allows you to perform those epic fatalities without complex button combos. We all know that famous shout of "FINISH HIM" and feel that is the time to shine by causing something gruesome to our opponent, only problem is the button pressing and positioning have to be just right. Failing to do so in time and the match will simply end, or screw up the inputs and you're likely to end the match on a simple punch or kick. Fear not any more, the ... Read More »

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There's no doubt that people love a custom or modified controller. Anytime we post a feature on a new controller or some screenshots of...

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