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Final Fantasy Games Coming To Xbox One

A slew of Final Fantasy games are soon going to available to play on your Xbox One. Starting from now and carrying on into 2019, six games right now have been announced. Check out the full list below:- Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD – The game follows the same plot as the original game, although it eliminates the open world of the original, in addition to many sidequests in favour of a more focused experience. Exploration and combat shifted from a behind the back view to an overhead perspective with simplified controls more suitable for playing on a touchscreen. Music and voice acting were … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV July Update

As promised by Square Enix, today sees the next in regular updates since launch, and with it brings some new content, bug fixes and the return of a popular carnival. Magitek Exosuits – These suits were supposed to be launched a few months back but was delayed following complaints that they looked an awful lot like the he suits from the new Power Rangers movie. These Magitek Exosuits allows Noctis and his friends 30-minutes of invincibility per day, but the suits may still be worn once that half-hour runs out. New Quest – A new quest available once players have … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV’s Multiplayer DLC To Mesh With Main Plot

In a recent interview with Polygon, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata shared some more info about what to expect when it comes to multiplayer and how it will take place within the game’s main story. “There are a lot of things I can’t really say about the multiplayer future just yet, but it will tie into the game, the main game, at some point in the story. And for the multiplayer feature, we are less focused on playing as the four main characters but rather as an avatar that the user creates themselves. So rather than having you and … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale Will Be Free To Download

King Regis tells a young Prince Noctis a bedtime story, the story of a young King Regis as he and his companions (Cid, Clarus, and Weskham) try to save the capital by defeating the attacking monsters. Set 30 years before Final Fantasy XV, A King’s Tales was originally only available as a pre-order bonus. Now this 3-hour story add-on with retro-styled graphics will be free to all players. King’s Tales: Final Fantasy XV will be available on Xbox One and PS4. Download your free copy on March 1st from the Xbox and/or Playstation Store. Be sure to like our Facebook page, join our Facebook … Read More »

A Gaming Industry Icon Will Announce New Game in 2017

Hironobu Sakaguchi probably isn’t a name that when you hear it, you already know who he is.  In a world where pop culture icons in music and movies run mainstream, Hironobu Sakaguchi is a name where we personally get excited when we hear it.  For those unaware he is the original creator of Final Fantasy. Now, Sakaguchi no longer works for Square but still has used his uncanny ability in creating great RPG’s to good use.  He was the driving force behind classics such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.  In a recent interview with Japan’s 4Gamer, he has stated that he … Read More »

Final Fantasy 15’s First DLC Will Be Released Next Week

The first batch of DLC for Square Enix’s epic open world adventure, Final Fantasy XV, is set to be released next week. The content will be split into two separate packs. The first pack simply entitled the Holiday Pack will be available to all players while the premium Holiday Pack+ will be limited to season pass holders. As you’d expect the Holiday Pack+ comes with substantially more content than its free counterpart. Below you can see the content available in each pack. Holiday Pack -Level Stopper -Annihilation Victory Song -Moogle Chocobo Carnival T-Shirt Costume (Noctis Exclusive) — Available in a … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV UK Launch A Success

And now for some news that if we’re honest we all knew was coming. Last week Square Enix released a small game that goes by the name of Final Fantasy XV. Since its launch Final Fantasy XV as been well received by fans and critics alike and now it is official, this has been the second most successful UK launch for the franchise. This weeks UK Game Charts have been released and really there are very few surprises. Maybe the biggest disappointment of the week will be for Ubisoft as their extreme sports simulator Steep only managed to reach the … Read More »

Gears of War 4 Doesn’t Support Multiplayer Cross-Play

It seemed inevitable that Gears of War 4 would feature cross-play across all game modes – a fact that was confirmed by Microsoft during their E3 2016 press conference. Only, it turns out that’s not entirely true. With the arrival of the first Play Anywhere title to feature competitive multiplayer, gamers were gearing up to play with and against others on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. After all, cross-platform play is one of the most requested additions in console gaming, with everyone from Rocket League to Final Fantasy getting in on the action. So on the one hand, … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Raw Gameplay

During PAX West, Square Enix decided that instead of showing trailers and pre-recorded footage of the game, they would have Director Hajime Tabata and a couple others on-hand to narrate the gameplay footage. The video shows Noctis and his group battle evil creatures in a mine shaft, and at 40:23 Tabata shows the audience how magic crafting works. After the crafting, you get to see the spell being used, as well as some of the different characters’ abilities and how they can help Noctis during battle. A funny highlight at 47:14 shows how magic can actually hurt you and your … Read More »

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