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It seems like Microsoft’s support for HDR-enabled games is slowly increasing, thanks to a tweet confirmed by the head of Microsoft himself, Phil Spencer; confirming support for Final Fantasy XV from it’s launch on 29th November. .@FinalFantasy XV is confirmed to support HDR on #XboxOneS at launch. Can’t wait to play on 11/29. @FFXVEN @SquareEnix @Xbox — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) 7 October 2016 Forza Horizon 3 was the first to include HDR support and Gears of War 4 has been confirmed to include HDR also. It seems like from here on out, first party games will have HDR support, whilst … Read More »

The open-world driving sections of Final Fantasy XV could become a nostalgic trip thanks to its recently revealed soundtrack. Whilst driving the Regalia, fans will recognise many of the tracks as the car radio will play a number of tracks from the Final Fantasy series as well as a number of original compositions. Most of these tracks will be available to purchase throughout the game-world from shops. The list is quite extensive as you can see below Final Fantasy I Original Soundtrack Prelude Opening Theme Main Theme Matoya’s Cave Battle Mt. Gulg Airship Sunken Shrine Castle Cornelia Final Fantasy II … Read More »

During PAX West, Square Enix decided that instead of showing trailers and pre-recorded footage of the game, they would have Director Hajime Tabata and a couple others on-hand to narrate the gameplay footage. The video shows Noctis and his group battle evil creatures in a mine shaft, and at 40:23 Tabata shows the audience how magic crafting works. After the crafting, you get to see the spell being used, as well as some of the different characters’ abilities and how they can help Noctis during battle. A funny highlight at 47:14 shows how magic can actually hurt you and your … Read More »

There are rumours abound on the world wide web that Square Enix’s blockbuster title Final Fantasy XV has been delayed. Various respected news sites are reporting that the top brass in Gamestop Corporate are being given the instruction to communicate the delay to customers. The leak comes in the form of an image that supposedly shows how to apply large stickers to in store promotional material. These stickers will cover up the initial 30th of September release date and convey the new date of 29th of November. Now of course there is the very real possibility that this is one … Read More »

A new trailer has been released by Square Enix to show off everything that will be coming in the world that is Final Fantasy XV.  It appears from the trailer a full length movie, an anime style film, and spin off mobile game will be coming along side Final Fantasy XV at different points in time.  You can see the trailer yourself down below: Final Fantasy XV is set to release on September 30th. Earlier we wrote about all the DLC that appears to accompany FFXV which you can read about here: Final Fantasy XV DLC Announced Are you excited … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV is the next big title to come to the historic series and there will be a bevy of additional content to follow its release.  In Japan, online retailers have posted the Season Pass details.  The rough translation from Japanese says: “When you purchase a FINAL FANTASY XV season pass, whole new original episodes will be delivered after the FFXV main sale, including a new mode.” There is a list of six DLC packs which can elude to the type of content they contain: FFXV Booster Pack DLC 1 FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC 2 FFXV Holiday Pack DLC 3 FFXV … Read More »

The dust has finally settled on the whirlwind gaming extravaganza that was E3 2016, meaning it’s time for us to look back and reflect on the games that we can now start eagerly awaiting due to their 2016 release dates. E3 may not have been packed to the brim with block buster titles as it has in previous years. That isn’t to say, however, that there isn’t still plenty to look forward to. Below is a comprehensive list of the titles we can expect to see on Xbox One in what remains of 2016: Titanfall 2 – Release Date: October … Read More »

Square Enix promises 10,000 more collectors editions bringing a grand total of 40,000 released May 23rd Many of Final Fantasy’s fans are still feeling jilted after they were unable to snag one of the highly coveted Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Editions. Between scalpers looking to make a buck and fans who genuinely wanted one, Square Enix underestimated their demand and promised to look into making more.   Great news! If you missed out, you’ll be given a second chance, and you even have a date to start pre-ordering on, May 23rd and you might be one of the lucky … Read More »

Since the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event on the 30th March it has not taken long for the game’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition to sell out. Square Enix announced there would be 30,000 limited copies available world wide and despite the steep price tag of $269.99 it has not stopped this edition going fast. During this time Square Enix has received a lot of feedback from fans how have not managed to get their pre-orders in. Director Hajime Tabata took to Twitter earlier today to address this and thank fans for the large number of downloads the Platinum demo has received. … Read More »

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