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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is A Multi-Part Series

Square-Enix has recently released a trailer for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the world exploded with joy (possibly just me..) The overhaul looks brilliant and honestly very welcome, the combat system has also been re-done to give this classic masterpiece the care and attention it deserves. Shortly after the trailer was released Square-Enix released a statement  explaining how Final Fantasy would be a multi-part series. While alot of people had a negative view I think its great and I’ll tell you why; Remaking FF7 in this way allows the gamers to get our hands on the game faster, as you can … Read More »

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episodes To Be As Big As A Full Game

Square Enix are currently working on a remake of Final Fantasy 7 and according to Producer Yoshinoro Kitase and Director Tetsuya Nomura the game is big, very big. So big in fact that it can’t be released as one whole game but will be split into episodes like the TellTale games we all know and love. The pair was a little sparing with the details but said that each episode will be the size of a complete game. This has left fans of the series with some questions that are as big as the game. For example, exactly how long … Read More »

Final Fantasy 7 remake confirmed for Xbox One

Final Fantasy is returning to our screens and im just gonna say it now OMG in so excited!! FF7 was one of the most iconic title ever to grace a console. The long-awaited title in the franchise which has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere, is making the return to the current generation of consoles. Up to now, it was rumored to only be available for PlayStation 4. Some major outlets even called it an exclusive for some odd reason. Well, it is no longer in doubt. Final Fantasy 7 remake will release on both consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox gaining access … Read More »

Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to Xbox One?

During E3 last week alot of fans of a classic was all to excited once sony announced its return, That’s right Square Enix are launching a Remake edition of Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII was originally launched on the sony playstation over 18 years ago back in 1997, now in 2015 we make get to play it all over again in its HD glory. BUT……. you may not have to go out and shell out another large amount of money on another next-gen console just yet, the trailer shown at E3 last week was in sony’s presentation, but the end … Read More »

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