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There’s a certain kind of masochist who lives for challenging, maddening, infuriating platform experiences like that offered by Fenix Furia. This is the kind of person who is super-humanly resistant to teeth-gnashing, controller-throwing, cat kicking-fits of rage (disclaimer: we never kick cats.) Fenix Furia – formerly Fenix Rage before a lawsuit forced a name change – offers the scantest of story lines and an Everest-sized challenge. The comparison with Super Meat Boy might feel lazy, but with a similar level of difficulty, instant restarts for when things go wrong, and the chasm that exists between recognising the right path through … Read More »

A very merry Monday morning to you all, here we stand at the start of a brand new week once again. I hope your weekend was filled with plenty of gaming and good times, trouble is the weekend always goes so fast. How about we try and get the happiness of the weekend going for just a little bit longer, let’s take a look at the games out this week. Grab your coffee, kick that person out of your seat as the hype train has just pulled up and is ready to go go go. 08/06/2016 Soul Axiom Soul Axiom … Read More »

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We have some fantastic news. We're giving away four tickets (two sets of two) for Legends Of Gaming LIVE Sunday 11th of September,...

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