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Titanfall 2 is a Titan Sales Fail

EA’s latest shooter has failed to take the UK charts by storm. That’s not, we suspect, because it’s a poor game – it’s actually a pretty decent FPS – but due to one of the strangest release date decisions we’ve seen in a while. Unsurprisingly, Battlefield 1 still dominates the charts, with a large portion of those sales going to PlayStation 4, while Titanfall 2 crawls in at number 4. The highest new entry was the remastered Skyrim, which took second place in the all-formats chart. But Titanfall 2 seems to have suffered from seriously poor timing when it comes … Read More »

Farming Simulator 17 Review

Farming Simulator 17 is the long awaited latest instalment of the long running franchise developed by GIANTS Software. Right from the start it is easy to see that it is the same Farming sim we all know and love, the same as Farming Sim 15, but much improved. For those that are used to playing the game (and for those that are not) it’s beneficial for you to take a tour of the tutorial, especially in the animal raising section because that’s where Farming Sim 17 differs from the last game. As usual, the tutorial is extensive, which enables beginners to quickly … Read More »

Games Out This Week On Xbox One

Rise and shine my fellow gamer, it’s time to welcome in another week. Monday has done the usual trick, snuck up on us and hit us as hard as a slap with a wet fish. I don’t know about you but I will not let Monday be blue anymore, are you with me? I know the best way to achieve this, it’s by checking out the new lineup of ‘Games Out This Week’ and that time is now. Arm yourself with a coffee and a chair, the hype train is ready to roll. 25/10/2016 Farming Simulator 17 Take on the … Read More »

Farming Simulator Mods

Farming Simulator 17 is just over 2 weeks away and the Devs at Giants Software have included the ability for console farmers to use and create mods to make their gaming experience even better. Here at Giants Software, we consider modding to be an intrinsic part of the Farming Simulator experience. That’s why, in Farming Simulator 17, we’ve set up an extensive, organized system for implementing mods into the game – there’s now far greater mod support than any other entry in the series!  The mod hub will be the main place to access the mods within the game and … Read More »

Here’s The First Farming Simulator 17 Trailer For You

Hey, city slicker. Ever fancied moving to the country and trying your hand at a little farming? The Farming Simulator series gives you the opportunity to do just this, only without the inconvenience of moving away from all the comforts of the city. Set to be released in October Farming Simulator 17 will be the latest entry into the franchise and fans are already excited for it. This entry will see you take on a completely modern farm with acre after acre of land for you to utilise. You will also have access to all the latest equipment, so your … Read More »

Farming Simulator 17 confirmed for late 2016

That’s right agriculture fans you can now breathe a sigh of relief as Farming Simulator’s next instalment has been confirmed! Both the games publisher, Focus Home Interactive, and developer, GIANTS Software, confirmed the title in a press release yesterday. The press release looked a little something like the below, please feel free to plough through it and extract any seeds of information pertinent to your interests. Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to announce today the continuation of their partnership for the release of Farming Simulator 17, arriving simultaneously on PC and consoles at the end of 2016. The game will … Read More »

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