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Far Cry 5: Announce Trailer And Introduction To The Resistance

Last week Ubisoft teased the announcement of Far Cry 5 with nothing more than a simple Tweet showing the game’s logo. They followed that up earlier this week with a whole host of teaser trailers, as we reported here. Today we’ve got our first real look at what we can expect in terms of the setting of Far Cry 5 with the official announcement trailer, as well as showing off some of the games world the trailer also showcases some of what player can expect from the games narrative. WARNING: Some readers may find the trailers within this article from … Read More »

Ubisoft Releases Teaser Trailers For Far Cry 5

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5 officially last week with nothing more but a logo, however today they’ve released not one, but four trailers showcasing the setting for this iteration of Far Cry, which also announces when the full reveal of the game is set to happen. No luxurious setting this time Far Cry fans, instead, Ubisoft have opted to go for a more rural setting based in Montana, America. But judging from the teasers, it may not actually be a bad idea. You can check out all four trailers below but stay tuned for the official worldwide reveal of the … Read More »

Ubisoft Teasing Three Huge New Titles

So apparently someone at Ubisoft woke up this morning and thought : “You know what, today we’re just going to reveal everything big we have in the pipeline!”. To their great credit they’ve gone and done exactly that! It all started this morning with a mysterious Tweet from the Assassins Creed UK account. Sharpen your blade. The Assassins will soon step out of the shadows… pic.twitter.com/nUrM4A57J0 — Assassins Creed UK (@Assassins_UK) May 16, 2017 The reveals didn’t end there though, the Assassins Creed Tweet has been followed this afternoon by this perhaps somewhat unexpected revelation. Beyond the road… Stay with us … Read More »

Popular Ubisoft Game Now Available via Backwards Compatibility

As is tradition at 5pm on a Thursday, Major Nelson has tweeted out the latest addition to the backwards compatibility library. Any FPS fans will be happy with this one: Far Cry 3 is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNs2ZLopic.twitter.com/uHB2QJ768J — Larry Hryb ? (@majornelson) March 30, 2017 Anyone who has never played Far Cry 3, I implore you to seek out a copy and play it immediately. Not only is it a damn fine first person shooter and the best of the Far Cry series, it’s also a contender for best villain in any videogame. I love … Read More »

Crytek Set To Close Multiple Studios

2016 has been a difficult year for Crytek. The developer that has brought us such games as Far Cry, Warface and Crysis have been struggling financially since the middle of the year with the firm struggling to pay wages from May. Yesterday Crytek finally broke their silence and released a statement outlining the moves that they intend to make to try to secure the company. The details of the statement were at times a little vague, but then most statements of this sort generally are. The key feature of the statement was an outline of how they intend to streamline … Read More »

Far Cry Primal – Bringing The Stone Age To Life

This title is simply getting better and better As you will probably be aware the latest instalment of the Far Cry franchise is so close to being released, if you weren’t aware then where have you been? Primal will be released on the 23rd of February and is set way back in time, the stone age to be precise. Ubisoft are really making sure this game captures the ‘Stone Age’ theme here, so how could they achieve this – well how about the creation of a brand new language? The super brains behind this project have created a language known as ‘Wenja’, … Read More »

Far Cry Primal Invites You To Sleep In A Cave

Ubisoft will release Far Cry Primal, the Stone Age open world game, next month and so are in full promotion mode. At least one of the promotions is more than a little strange, it could even be called unique. Ubisoft UK are offering on lucky(?) winner the chance to sleep in a cave, in winter. To be in with a chance to win this opportunity for you and a friend all you have to do is tweet @FarCryPrimal why you would like to do this, including the hashtag #Cavebnb. Although this may not sound entirety pleasant things aren’t always what … Read More »

Far Cry Primal Wont Have CO-OP Mode

The idea of co-op modes in single player games has always caused quite a bit of an argument amongst gamers In a single player game do you really need the option of playing with a friend, or in fact sometimes even a stranger? With more and more games adding this in as an extra option, its somewhat strange to see that Ubisoft have decided to pull it from this franchise. According to the steam community forum post, Jason Paradise has been on answering a few questions, and this was one of his responses: “We are focusing entirely on creating the best possible Far … Read More »

Far Cry Primal Collector’s Edition Content Revealed

Far Cry Primal is one of the most anticipated games of 2016, and today Ubisoft has revealed the different collector’s editions of the upcoming release and latest addition to the critically acclaimed Far Cry series. The Stone Age is a dangerous place, and can seem daunting, as no one really knows what to expect with Far Cry Primal, but the Far Cry Primal Collector’s edition will equip every player and Far Cry fan with the best premium package to survive Oros, the prehistoric setting in the game. Helping players to understand the terrain and master the prehistoric landscape. The collector’s edition … Read More »

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