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Gamescom 2015 was a big deal for Microsoft and Xbox - the premiere European event of the season showcased "the greatest games lineup in Xbox history" and the 90 minute briefing was jam-packed with Xbox goodness. Xbox supremo Phil Spencer has confirmed there'll be no similar briefing at Gamescom (Cologne, Germany, 17-21 August) this year - but there will be a Sea-of-Thieves-galleon-sized boatload of games to play, including Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2, ReCore, We Happy Few, Everspace, and Cuphead. With six stands across three areas and two halls, Microsoft's presence will be anything but low key. Mr ... Read More »
Seems like the ongoing saga between Lionhead Studios and Microsoft has a few more chapters left to tell... According to the site MCV, multiple sources have confirmed that discussions are currently ongoing to save the free-to-play multiplayer RPG. This stems from the consultation process Microsoft is conduction with the members of staff at Lionhead. Supposedly, Microsoft are inquiring with staff members as to whether they would prefer to carry on working on Fable Legends, potentially as an independent studio though this couldn't be confirmed, or if they would rather just take their redundancy package at the end of the month ... Read More »
Xbox chief Phil Spencer has been a busy guy lately. First, he stated that Microsoft are committed to making the absolute best TV gaming console experience, and now he’s been chatting to fans on his Twitter feed about, well, everything. The cheerful regular Joe gamer told one fan that he, too, was devastated gutted sad about Fable Legends’ cancellation after months in Beta… @JenniferRHurni I really wish every game we started ended successfully. Regretfully doesn't always happen. I'm sad as well, I love Fable. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) March 11, 2016 …Before going on to reaffirm the Redmond studio’s commitment ... Read More »
Not good news I'm afraid The managing director for Microsoft Studios Europe, Hanno Lemke, has announced today that big changes are to be made - mainly affecting the UK and Denmark teams and projects. Also it's not good news if you're a fan of Fable legends, it has been decided that development is to be ceased for this title. Also discussions are in place about closing down Lionhead Studios in the UK where as Press Play Studios in Denmark and the Sunset Development on Project Knoxville are being closed, not good news for the industry as they have been responsible for some big titles ... Read More »
Perpetually-in-Beta title Fable Legends gets a new update - number 19 - which brings a vicious new creature that Villains can unleash upon hapless Heroes. The White Balverine is an Elite creature that unleashes swift, high damaging attacks. Lionhead Creature Designer (best job ever!) David Bridle recommends Heroes face this villainous creature in a group rather than going mano-a-Balverino in one-on-one combat. So, if villains get this fearsome foe in this update, what do heroes get? New shopping opportunities - and who doesn't love that? There is a new Outfit Shop in Brightlodge selling new armour for your Heroes, and ... Read More »
What a year for Xbox in 2015, from backwards compatibility to tones of exclusive with the likes of Halo 5, Rise of The Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and Gears of war: Ultimate edition to the absolute tone of ID@Xbox titles all the way to the fantastic hardware like the Elite controller that took centre stage and our wallets by storm, even the new dash board with Windows 10 that really defined Xbox as not just a great console but a solid gaming console to be proud of. The team at Xbox have really done a fantastic job in keeping us smashing ... Read More »
Are you a Fable fan? Did you manage to get into the previous Fable Legends closed testing? If not you might of been aware and, probably more than a little excited, that the open beta would be coming to Xbox live this holiday season for you to get your hands on for a bit of early testing....... Bad news I'm afraid, Lionhead Studios just announced that it wont be in 'open beta testing' until spring next year:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9vpbcymR8Q This isn't all bad news for you though, an extra 100,000 fans will be invited to the closed beta over the next few ... Read More »
Video games. If it wasn't for video games I wouldn't be writing this, you wouldn't be reading this, and no one would suspect the phrase "tea-bagging" to be anything but entirely innocent (fun fact: I managed to miss the precise moment when "tea-bagging" became gaming parlance and had to have it explained. As is evident, it was a conversation that's haunted me to this day). Every now and then the release dates for an assortment of games will converge, games that look set to not only improve on the past but strive to influence the titles that will come after them. Judging ... Read More »
It's time for a news round up once again! Like metaphorical sheep the news can wander about the hills of the internet, and if you're not around at the right time it can gambol off to never be seen again, and you'll be sad for having not seen the sheep. Or the news. So we're going to put the week's biggest sheep biggest news in this one pen for your perusing. And we promise to not mention sheep again. ______________________________________________ Low frame rates? High frame rates? Jagged frame rates? Try adding an extra CPU core. Xbox One Extra CPU Core ... Read More »

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