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The Division is still having a rough time, when it was discovered this week that the powerful gear set Sentry’s Call was giving players an unfair advantage. And it’s a pretty big advantage, providing a permanent damage boost to those who wore the collection. Happily, for those still enjoying the NYC-based MMO-lite, Ubisoft Massive – the developer behind the game – have stated that they’ll be changing that. This comes after the reveal that the gear set’s Marksman talent permanently let players dish out 15% damage for 10-seconds after marking the opposition. News of the much-needed patch was announced by ... Read More »
Division agents are well-used to the weekly downtime on Tuesdays, done to ensure the smooth running of Ubisoft’s servers. But according to the studio, The Division be going offline tomorrow for some emergency patching. For UK players, the game will be out of action from 8am, for approximately two hours, while Ubisoft make changes. For those in America, that means no Division from 09:00 AM CEST / 03:00 AM EDT / 00:00 AM PDT. The full details of the changes are: Falcon Lost The APC will now only take damage from C4 Characters will now be killed when going inside ... Read More »

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