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Grand Prix Rock’N Racing Review

So you want to go fast? And not just fast but loud as well? Channel your inner Jeremy Clarkson? On the face of it, Grand Prix Rock’N Racing could have everything you need. But looks can be deceiving. Rock and roll isn’t always loud, and racing isn’t always about speed. Just ask a well known tortoise and a mildly annoyed hare. Grand Prix Rock’N Racing is a sequel, of sorts, that takes the action into a championship. And not just any championship but the Grand Prix of championships. The hyperbole is strong here, as befits a game borne of rock n roll … Read More »

Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing Coming To Xbox One

Does the smell of burning rubber and the roar of high octane engines get you excited? Soon you’ll be able to get all of these things from the comfort of your sofa, well almost, hopefully you won’t be able to smell the rubber burning and if you can, you may need to see someone about it. Innovative developer EnjoyUp Games has announced that they will be bringing Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing to the Xbox One. Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing combines the adrenaline rush of the Grand Prix with the rush of some great rock and roll music. This … Read More »

Rock Zombie Review

So you like your music metal and your apocalypses of the zombie variety? Rock Zombie might just be the game for you. This is a game with a lot to hate about it but also a lot to love. The strangely synthetic guitar sounds, the unmoving, emotionless faces and glitches galore are all things that could take away from the experience that is Rock Zombie. But these things also add a peculiar charm to the game. This is a beat’em up in the early nineties side scrolling tradition and brought about not a small amount of nostalgia for games like … Read More »

EnjoyUp Announces 3-In-1 Game Pack

Indie developer EnjoyUp Games have announced that they are currently working on a 3-in-1 game pack that will be released on the Xbox One in 2016. The compilation will contain three games, as the title may suggest. The three games will be Abyss, 99Seconds and 99Moves. This will be the first time that these three titles have been  available for the Xbox. All three of these games will be available for around £6.99 although no official release date has been announced yet. The compilation is been released to celebrate EnjoyUp’s 10th anniversary and should be available in the first quarter … Read More »

Rock ‘N’ Racing Off Road DX Review

When I found out that Rock ‘N’ Racing Off Road DX was coming to Xbox One I was pretty excited. What could be more fun than racing tiny cars around an off road track? This looked like a game that would take me back to my childhood and all the happy memories that I had. Upon loading up, the game is very reminiscent of those early ninety classics that I hoped it would emulate. The graphics looked slightly more polished but the music and sound mimic these games perfectly. Unfortunately that is where the pleasures started to fade. Racing around … Read More »

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