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Hitman has a new elusive target  this will mark the ninth so far - Similar to previous elusive contracts you get one shot at killing the target if you die it's game over! This time around we are going after Owen Wager or also known as 'Protagonist' which is his hacker alias. Something which makes things more difficult is the fact that we don't even know what he looks like so Agent 47 will have to be even more cautious and be certain he has identified the target before placing a bullet in his head.. Or throttling him to death... Drowning him in a toilet.. The list could go ... Read More »
We've all dreamed of pressing cold steel against the temple of a politician on occasion. And between now and Sunday, 29 May at 1.00 pm BST you're tasked with doing just that. Or, you know, setting him on fire or dropping a chandelier on him or throwing him over a cliff or tying him to railway tracks while twirling your moustache maniacally. Hitman's second Elusive Target - the fabulous game mode that gives you 48 hours and just one chance to nail your mark before the opportunity's gone for ever - makes an appearance in Sapienza this weekend. The Congressman, ... Read More »

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