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Many people that I have spoken to about this robust controller had nothing bad to say. I can’t fault it; owning one myself, but having said that, I know of others who would. And those that do, the only complaint tends to be the hefty price tag. However, Amazon have recently put a price reduction on the controller saving you a little over £12 from its original price. It’s taken almost a year since release to see some kind of price drop anywhere but now that Amazon has decreased its price, surely others will follow. You can now purchase it for £107.75, … Read More »

If you don’t own Xbox One’s Elite controller, there are a few more good reasons to pick one up: Scuf Gaming, who create custom accessories and controllers to ensure you can ‘play like a pro’, have announced a new line of accessories specifically crafted for the Elite. Frequently cited as the best controller in the world ever by some sections of the industry, the Elite controller features tons of upgrades built for hardcore gamers. This includes different stick types for ultimate control and mappable paddles that make sure players quickest on the draw. If their past work is anything to … Read More »

Turtle Beach has just announced the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset, And it looks simply stunning as you can see from the photo above. The Elite Pro Headset’s journey began in 2013. Seeing the consistent growth and popularity of eSports, Turtle Beach launched a comprehensive scientific research program to deeply examine the needs of professional and hardcore gamers as it pertained to game audio, communicating with teammates, and overall comfort. The result? is the all-new Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset – a ground-up redesign of the competitive gaming headset that brings to market multiple first-and-only innovations in the … Read More »

If you where one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the Elite controller for Xmas or early this year you will know what I mean when I say its without doubt the best controller you will get your hands on, it’s comfortable, beautifully created, efficient, customizable and sleek as hell. It comes with a whole host of button customization as well as physical customization, usually when purchasing an unofficial modded controllers or customized controllers you are looking at £150+ at least from numerous internet shops. What the Elite controller does is it gives you all the things … Read More »

Every now and then, Phil Spencer finds the time to answer some valid burning questions from the Xbox community. In Phil’s most recent set of tweets, the Xbox head replied to a question regarding the availability of the recently released Xbox One elite controller. The controller released some weeks ago, but was quickly sold out. Turns out that Microsoft underestimated the demand for the £120 controller. Spencer was asked whether the controller would be available before Christmas again, after which he replied he didn’t want to overpromise something. Demand has just exceeded Microsoft’s planning, but the company is working hard to get … Read More »

Since day one when Microsoft released information on a brand new Elite controller with a fully customizable set of buttons and thumbsticks, the Xbox community has been abuzz with excitement. We where lucky to get our hands on this beautiful piece of kit at EGX and I have to say well worth the money, because of the buzz unfortunately the Elite controller is out of stock until the Christmas holidays. http://compass.surface.com/assets/67/8a/678abbb4-49dd-4d7d-a50e-0b6c500d06f1.mp4?n=Troy_web_spin_black_md.mp4 Microsoft had this to say: “We’re thrilled at the amount of interest we’ve received for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller,” “We are working quickly to get more units of the … Read More »

Elite Dangerous was part of the game preview program, if you are or were a member of the preview program you would have been able to try it for free for a short amount of time, With its full release now here, we have taken the opportunity to revisit the game and review it to the its full potential, after the preview and unfinished status removed. Frontier are the people behind the game, and have achieved amazing graphics and textures with in Elite Dangerous. The sounds of the space ships and weaponry are amazing too, they have done a really great … Read More »

During Xbox’s E3 2015 Briefing they announced the Xbox Elite Controller which is expected to have a release date of October 27th. There was a great response from fans about this new customisable controller and some pre-ordered it as soon as they could. However you might have a problem if you pre-ordered it from Amazon at a lower price than the rest of the online retailers. Amazon listed the Xbox Elite Controller with an incorrect price on their site. The incorrect price on Amazon was £75, a bargain for most fans after seeing the actual price of £119 on other … Read More »

Let me set the scene, June 2015, The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 if you prefer rolls around again, Microsoft Press confrence and BAM we’re blindsided with the annoucement of a new controller. With nothing more than a short trailer Xbox One gamers were jumping up and down screaming like 12 year old girls at a 1 Direction concert. Images started rolling out, potential prices started to seep out on to the interwebs and we all started noticing it around the £100 mark. Well now we know that the pricing is £129.99. This divided us, do we splash out on … Read More »

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