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After the announcement of the EA Originals program which was announced at this years E3, Electronic Arts have confirmed the second title to be launched. Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President at EA has revealed that Sea of Solitude will be coming from developer Jo-Mei Games, based in Berlin. Focusing around Kay, the lead character, you follow her journey as she discovers that her true enemies are not those she crosses paths with in the Sea of Solitude, but something much more sinister. The EA Originals program is specifically designed to bring 'truly special new games' from smaller developers and teams to ... Read More »
One of the most intriguing items in the EA Play line-up this year wasn’t any of the triple-A titles that took up the vast majority of the hour-long event. It was a brief section detailing EA Originals – EA’s attempt to build bridges with the smaller studios. The origin of the EA Originals programme came with Unravel, the side-scrolling platformer with more charm than a bag of pipe-smoking puppies. That partnership between EA and Swedish studio Coldwood left such a positive impression that they’ve decided to go one step further. In a press release, Patrick Sonderland, Executive VP of EA ... Read More »

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