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A picture is worth a thousand words and boy has this picture put a thousand words in our mouths. EA and PayPal have recently teamed up to offer PayPal users a free month of EA Access, EA’s monthly subscription based game service as well as the chance to win a brand new Xbox One S, pretty cool right? Eagle eyed readers may have already spotted that whilst this offer is definitely noteworthy it’s not what caught our attention here at Xbox One UK. It’s the image of a certain Commander Shepard on an advert for EA access that sent equal … Read More »

Earlier this week we confirmed some free games you could install without it being a backwards compatible title (found here) now it seems EA have jumped at the chance to add these titles to thier Access Vault, these are the titles: Bejeweled 3 Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy 2 Heavy Weapon Zuma So if you own EA Access you may have an update waiting for you, we recommend playing all of these titles especially Heavy Weapon! Make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow on Twitter and Twitch for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

Titanfall’s exclusivity deal with Xbox was met with serious concern from FPS fans. But it turns out that the decision, unsurprisingly, wasn’t made by developers Respawn. According to Dusty Welch, Respawn’s COO, and art director Jose Emslie the decision not to publish on PlayStation was ‘out of our hands.’ During a charm offensive for Titanfall 2, designed to reassure other platform players, they made it clear that it wasn’t there choice to go Xbox-only. Emilie said, ‘we would always like these to be multiplatform. The more consumers that can play ’em, the better. It’s not about money, it’s about the audience … Read More »

Now we know exactly what subscribers of EA Access are getting with the Play Trial finally getting as release date and details have been announced. The games streaming service usually offers players a free trial for upcoming games, and Battlefield 1 is no different. Subscribers will be able to download the game early and enjoy 10-hours of pure historic warfare. The EA Access Play Trial kicks off on 13th October, granting access to both the single-player campaign and four online multiplayer modes that consists of five maps to wreck havoc on. Players will be able to take their progress across over to … Read More »

Following hot off the heels of the demo released last week (which seemed suspiciously coincidental that it became available to download the same day as Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 was officially released), EA has announced an official release date for its popular annual football game. If you happen to have an EA Access subscription, you can take advantage of an ‘earlier’ release, giving you a 10-hour trial and a somewhat generous 10% off the purchase of the full version of FIFA 17. But unlike previous iterations, you will only be able to access some of the new single player Journey mode … Read More »

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that any EA game will eventually enter the vault. Typically, gamers can access a 10-hour trial, a 10% discount and – eventually – play the game through their EA Access subscription. But it seems that Titanfall 2 won’t be one of those games. According to gamereactor, Respawn have stated that their latest game won’t be part of the subscription-based service – meaning all the benefits above won’t be available to all you Titan pilots out there. They have said, however, that the game may come to EA Access and PC’s Origins Access at some … Read More »

EA Access members, that subscription of yours is getting sweeter by the month, as the third person multiplayer shooter Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is now available in The Vault. As additions go, PvZ: GW2 is a pretty hefty one, as it’s a decent shooter that offers a range of modes across plenty of maps. There’s even a whole bunch of single player quests to keep you occupied whilst you wait for all your mates to get online. If you haven’t subscribed to EA Access yet (and honestly, why haven’t you?), The Vault is an ever expanding list of … Read More »

So if you have  EA access you will be happy to know that you can now download the trial of Madden 17, You may ask how as when you boot up EA Access it shows coming soon on the vault, just follow these simple steps to get downloading Madden 17 and to enjoy the trial. Firstly you click on EA access and load it up, When you go to the trial page  it will say “coming soon” on Madden 17 at this point hover over Madden 17 and press “A”, When it then loads up the Madden 17 tab go … Read More »

Every now and then a surprise comes your way. For fans of the snowy slopes we have a really cool surprise for you. We say us but we can’t take all of the credit, some of that must go in EA’s direction. People have woken up this morning and found that the good people at EA have now added the snowboarding classic SSX to the EA Access Vault. That’s right, if you are a subscriber to the EA Access service you can now download SSX from the vault for free. Come times to be had for all on the extreme … Read More »

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