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EA Access is a great way for fans of gaming in general to get their hands on some quality titles and only having to commit to a subscription based payment.  EA has done a great job at updating the amount of games kept in the EA Access vault which those who have a subscription have full access to play whenever they want as long as they stay subscribed.  So what new games were added in November 2016, lets recap... Mass Effect Trilogy (Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, & Mass Effect 3) In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered ... Read More »
Every now and then a surprise comes your way. For fans of the snowy slopes we have a really cool surprise for you. We say us but we can't take all of the credit, some of that must go in EA's direction. People have woken up this morning and found that the good people at EA have now added the snowboarding classic SSX to the EA Access Vault. That's right, if you are a subscriber to the EA Access service you can now download SSX from the vault for free. Come times to be had for all on the extreme ... Read More »
EA Access, a subscription service based around providing users free and discounted EA games on the Xbox One, will be free for a period of time during June. This free event, running between the twelfth and twenty second of June, allows players access to the extensive Library of EA Access' vault. This is a group of twenty one games that Access members can play for free. The subscription service also allows members to purchase EA games for a discounted price. All of these features will be available for all Xbox Live Gold members during the event in June as a ... Read More »
EA has confirmed that the newest game to enter the EA vault, a subscription service that allows gamers to play a number of EA games for one price, is none other than the American Football simulator Madden NFL 16, and will be touching down on Febuary 2nd. Madden NFL 16 will be joining 14 other games in an ever expanding list of games that gamers can play for a small monthly price, including FIFA 15 and Battlefield 4. Subscription holders can even play new EA games before they are released to the general public. EA Access can be purchased from This ... Read More »

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