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Xbox One Elite Controller Release Date Revealed

Do you feel you don’t have enough buttons on your controller? Well good news! The Xbox One Elite Controller that gives you more buttons for your pressing pleasure finally has a release date! According to a tweet from Graeme Boyd A.K.A AceyBongos, the Xbox One Elite Controller will release on October 27th! Originally announced back at E3 2015, The Xbox One Elite Controller features four additional paddles on the back of the controller, customisable thumb sticks and D-Pads, as well as the ability to remap buttons for each game and the ability to adjust trigger sensitivity with Xbox One and Windows … Read More »

Trackmania Turbo Delayed until early 2016

I for one am a little gutted about this news regarding Trackmania Turbo. Originally scheduled for a November release, has been delayed to early 2016, Ubisoft has announced. The additional time will be used to improve the game’s campaign modes, interface, and multiplayer. “The extra time will give us an opportunity to make sure that the online infrastructure is stable and that the online experience is a smooth one,” Ubisoft wrote. Trackmania Turbo will also add in a feature offering players a way to challenge friends on user-made tracks. Trackmania Turbo is being developed by Nadeo; it was announced in … Read More »

Tacoma – E3 Trailer

Atmospheric space station explorer for your inner survivalist At the Microsoft E3 conference, we got a look at the follow up to Gone Home from ‘Fullbright’ titled Tacoma due for release in 2016. Studio co-founder Steve Gaynor took the stage to introduce us to the first trailer of footage showing the game’s protagonist, known as Amy Ferrier, explore the eerie abandoned space station of the game’s title. Similar to Gone Home, it appears to excel in exploring an abandoned area, only in this outing you’re in space. What once looked like a busy but comfortable habitat now appears as an empty shell … Read More »

Beyond Eyes – Coming To Xbox One First

New trailer for an absolutely beautiful game Microsoft revealed the ‘Tiger & Squid’ adventure game ‘Beyond Eyes’ is coming first to Xbox One this summer 2015 during its E3 2015 press conference, prepare yourself for what could be classed as one of the most visually pleasing games you are ever likely to see. In Beyond Eyes, you take the role of a 10 year old girl called Rae who is blind. Work your way through an unfamiliar world and search for a befriended stray cat named as Nani,  rely on sounds to discover and navigate the mysterious and challenging environment. We have also … Read More »

Just Cause 3 is set to be released on the 1st of December 2015

At Square Enix press conference at E3 yesterday they partnered up with Avalanche studios to announce that just cause 3 will be released on December 1st this year! The trailer below shows off and gives a lot of information into what you can do in this huge 400 square mile open world game. Its volumetric terrain has increased to allow more verticality – as a result of this, it is now possible for the player to explore subterranean caverns which is a brand new feature to the just cause series. Rico Rodriguez returns to the island of Medici to liberate the island … Read More »

Shenmue Director At E3?

Yesterday Japanese game director Yu Suzuki famous for creating games such as Virtua Fighter and Shenmue posted on his twitter about his arrival at E3. Suzuki posted an unusual image of a forklift with a caption written in Japanese that when translated said ‘Found At E3’. This has led to many fans taking to the internet to speculate that Shenmue is making a return at this years E3. While there is no definite proof Shenmue 3 is still a strong possibility. For the past few years the Shenmue license has been held by Microsoft after they collaborated with Sega on … Read More »

Dishonored 2 To Be Announced At E3?

Last night Bethesda accidently confirmed Dishonored 2. The team decided to run a private test twitch stream to make sure everything was ready for their first ever press conference. The stream was successful however little to Bethesda’s knowledge the stream was ‘accidentally’ made the stream view able to the public and in it some very interesting things were said. In the twitch stream a conversation can be heard between Bethesda creative director Todd Howard the head of Arkane Studios Raph Colantonio and the co-director of the original Dishonored Harvey Smith. In the conversation Colantonio is being instructed on how to carry … Read More »

Amazon Accidentally Reveal A New Xbox One Ahead Of E3

Ensure you have read our article on the updated Xbox One controller to make sure that you are up-to-date with the new Xbox One package, you can find it here Amazon may have jumped the gun slightly by listing a new Xbox One console bundle on their site for the grand total of £260 ($400). The bundle was quickly taken down once put up, however eagle eyed viewers spotted that the bundle featured an Xbox One console touting 1TB of internal storage, the new controller with the 3.5mm headphone jack and a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The bundle … Read More »

Inside Is Going To Be Late…

Inside is the upcoming game being developed by PlayDead, who you may remember were responsible for the awesome experience that was Limbo. That game has now been delayed and in a statement the studio had this to say… “Last year we announced that INSIDE would be out in ‘early 2015’. It’s not!” ,they continued, “After 5 years in development, we, more than anyone, are looking forward to the release. We are so close, but getting it right has taken a little more time than we anticipated.” However, don’t fret. You can see all of the insides of Inside throughout E3 … Read More »

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