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Developers Techland have teased us with some new information about their upcoming fantasy game, tipped to include “open world and RPG elements”. Although most of the juicy details about the game remain under wraps, we’ve now heard that the team behind Dying Light have asked their Warsaw branch to: Prototype interaction with opponents of unusual size. Having been awarded a grant of $1million USD by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development’s GameINN scheme, they now have plans to “develop innovative technologies to promote the effective production of high-tech gaming” – and it sounds like this is going to ... Read More »
Last month felt pretty disappointing when it came to Games with Gold line-up – although I’m never going to knock free games like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. But it seems you guys are a lot happier with December’s offerings. This month, readers Daniel Weston and Connor Williams both giving the thumbs up, and Ryan Rigby raised a smile, saying: ‘Had to check I wasn’t turning on PS4 when I seen last two months.’ And adeljay6 summed up what a lot of you were thinking: ‘what a line up 😍😍’ Here’s what you’ve been saying about the games… The One ... Read More »
Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka recently interviewed with Eurogamer's Robert Purchese about the goings-on with the studio as of late. They have been working on a new open world fantasy game, that will sport RPG elements similar to Dying Light, and will feature both a single-player and co-operative multiplayer. Curiously, when asked about the other game they've been working on, they played coy. Both of the new titles they've been working on have been in development for more than a year now, and have large teams working on them; somewhere to the tune of about 300 people split between the two studios, in Warsaw ... Read More »
Techland and Psyonix have partnered up to bring some Dying Light love into Rocket League and vice versa. With the recent release of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, Techland introduced dirt buggies to bring carnage and destruction to the undead occupants of Harran’s countryside. Similarly, the release of Rocket League on Xbox One now opened up for more people to enjoy the explosion-infused RC car football fun. “We’re huge fans of Rocket League and because both games offer great driving fun, we thought why not just partner up and give fans of both games some unique stuff.” – said ... Read More »
Dying Light: The Following has been a very successful DLC for the franchise, today its been announced that The Following will be getting 4 more free maps. What's more, they are all community maps called, The Tunnel: an underground caven of twists, turns and hundreds of zombies, Climb down to 21: a progressive maze of level after level arcade style Parkour and....more zombies, The Hunt: an intense forest hunt with dun dun dun more zombies...and a bow and arrow, and finally Vee: a nightmarish mix up between something from the Outer Limits and a film containing.....yes you guessed it zombies! ... Read More »
2015's Dying Light was a fun game. Not a perfect game. Perhaps not even a great game. But it was fun, in an ignore-the-problems-and just-dropkick-those-zombies-in-the-face kind of way. Let's see if Dying Light: The Following makes the right changes. Much of the success of last year's Dying Light was your character's parkour skills and the tightly built city, Harran, which offered plenty of opportunity to use them. But only once you had levelled up that skill - for a parkour instructor you were surprisingly arthritic and immobile at the beginning. It took no small amount of grinding before your parkour skill "turned on" and you ... Read More »
Great news that the undead are here for a bit longer When it comes to making sure the dead stay dead, you have to admit that 'Dying Light' is extraordinary. Not forgetting that this game has just been beefed up as well, courtesy of 'The Following' expansion, Techland have some great news for all you zombie slayers out there. After the huge success of the game and the expansion, plans have been announced that 'Dying Light' will be supported until the end of 2016 at least. But that's not all folks; the good news is Techland also proudly state that new ... Read More »
Dying Light owners have got a few new enhancements thanks to the new 17GB patch that Techland released for The Following DLC today. Of course the patch is free and has brought some new things to the base game. The patch adds a new difficulty level, challenge and daily activities, new outfits and weapons, and improves the game’s graphics. It also adds support for the expansion itself, but you’ll have to download that separately. For those lucky Dying Light fans in North America, The Following DLC was released alongside the patch today. For Europe, well we will have to wait until ... Read More »
What are the key elements to an open-world game? A giant map, some upgradeable weapons, and a way to travel far distances may be a few of the things that pop into your mind. What if I told you that instead of a game, I'm actually talking about an expansion? Reclaim your role as Kyle Crane and go outside Dying Light's quarantine zone to explore the treacherous outback region. In this new adventure you will learn about cults and other secrets as you earn the trust from the survivors, but of course they don't give anything without receiving anything in return. ... Read More »

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