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Fans of this year’s monster hit Doom from Bethesda Softworks have just some received some fantastic news. In a new update that has been released, the game has received a whole new single-player score-attack mode. Being dubbed Arcade mode, this update changes Doom’s single-player campaign into a series of challenges allowing players to compete with each other and climb those leaderboards. Within Arcade mode players will be able to customize their look, loadouts and gear when entering a stage. They will also have all guns, runes and equipment available. All this to help you rack up the highest score possible by getting … Read More »

Bethesda has just announced details of the upcoming ‘Free Update 3‘, Deathmatch, Private Matches and Arcade Mode are all coming to DOOM! Deathmatch – This time round Bethesda have added a free-for-all  mode, it’s like the normal matches weren’t hectic enough. Private Matches – This will allow you and your friends to create private multiplayer match the way you want them. You choose the maps and the modes, PLUS you’ll also be able to adjust settings like the time limit, score limit, or turning demons and power weapons off or on. Arcade Mode – Only a peek at what’s to come but you will get to … Read More »

Unto the Evil is the first of three downloadable content packages from the id developed and Bethesda published DOOM. This first pack focuses on the multiplayer side of the game – a mode that we pointed out is rather lacking compared to the exceptionally enjoyable single player campaign. Bringing a whole heap of shiny new extras to the fight, Unto the Evil includes three new maps – Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual – two new weapons, a new playable Demon, new hack modules, and a raft of customizable items in the form of armour and taunts. The three new maps are by far and away the best part … Read More »

The DOOM DLC was released a few hours earlier than expected and with it brought a major issue regarding the season pass refusing to unlock the DLC for season pass holders. We're continuing our investigation of Unto the Evil not properly unlocking for #DOOM Season Pass owners on Xbox One. https://t.co/vRl5EK5tep — BethesdaSupport (@BethesdaSupport) August 6, 2016 This issue has been known to Bethesda for a few days now and it seems they are still no closer to figuring out the problem. Doing so has angered a lot of eager DOOM fans. You can see the forum thread HERE Like … Read More »

With the opening of Quake Con we have been treated to a sale from Bethesda with multiple games getting price slashes – the sale will run until Monday August 8th so this really is the last chance you have to get yourself a deal many of the games on offer have big price cuts! Some of the best deals are DOOM this is 50% off bringing it down to a price of £25.00 if you are yet to purchase this game then right now is the perfect time to do so, also the deluxe edition is 30% off taking it down … Read More »

When gamers talk about Doom and its long history, many things come to mind.  I, or example think of the start of a revolution and the FPS benchmark of the time.  But I never thought I would associate Doom with board games. That’s right; developer Fantasy Fight Games has taken of the task of recreating the Doom universe as a board game.  Fantasy Fight Games describes the game as a “completely redesigned tactical combat experience” that is based on this year’s Doom developed by id Software and published by Bethesda. Fantasy Fight Games also elaborated on their new board game concept: “Glory Kill your … Read More »

Bethesda has released a video showing off some of the new game modes and features that will be coming to Doom on July 29.  This update, named Free Update 2, will give marines new multiplayer modes as well as new toys to play with inside of SnapMap. In online multiplayer, Bethesda showed off two new multiplayer modes called Exodus and Sector. Exodus is a one-flag capture-the-flag mode with an added twist of constantly moving bases and flags.  Sector is an objective-based capture-and-hold mode where players compete to take control of zones and then hold them to score points.  Sector appears … Read More »

There’s a time and a place for Lara Croft surviving in the wilderness; there’s a time and a place for Clementine navigating her way through the pitfalls of the zombie apocalypse; and there’s a time and a place for Max and Chloe to experience the strange life of Arcadia Bay. All of those are fantastic titles with great female leads, and a worthwhile use of your valuable gaming time, but sometimes you want to say “SCREW IT!”, put emotions to one side and just blow stuff up. Or punch something in the face. Like a man. These are 5 examples … Read More »

Doom as been a quiet hit since its release but in what is seeming like a rarity nowadays, actually felt like a good, finished and polished game at launch. This has meant that as of yet there hasn’t been a real update. Well now all that is about to change. This week Bethesda will be rolling out their first major update for the game and it will come with some optimisation, bug fixes and even a couple of new features. As you have come to expect from us, we have all the patch notes for the update right here, right … Read More »

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