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Hell Followed is the second of three downloadable content packages from the id developed and Bethesda published DOOM. This Second DLC again focuses on the multiplayer side of the game, bringing three new maps to the playlist, a new playable demon to try out, and a shiny new weapon to assist in dealing some exacting Marine revenge on everybody and everything.  There's also a host of new equipment items, new armour sets, taunts, and Hack Modules. So far, so... same as the last DLC. Once again though, the multiplayer maps are the jewels in the crown - a real credit to the designers, with ... Read More »
It's not often a game comes along that cements a genre in the minds of all who play it, a defining game that paves the way. DOOM was one such game, taking the first person view of Wolfenstein and ramping everything up to 11. Although it wasn't the first, DOOM seized the First Person Shooter genre and made it its own. A game that set the template for decades to come. Gorier and faster than anything that had gone before, this was the game that would set the template for decades to come. DOOM 2016 is a reboot of sorts, and a ... Read More »

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