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Sports games come in many forms – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is very definitely at the ridiculous end of that scale – but does that mean it’s no good? In Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, Developed & Published by Game Swing, your role is to dominate the circular court and proceed to pummel your opponents with a dodgeball. When you knock out all your opponents, you win a round, and the first to three round wins will win the match. Unlike most sports games, Stikbold! has a story mode. No, not a career mode. A story mode. … Read More »

We all know the 70’s right? Flared trousers, disco, space invaders and dodgeball. Well it’s time to go back in time and dust of those sweat bands and too short shorts as Stikbold!, a dodgeball inspired game from Danish developers Game Swing is coming to the Xbox One this spring. Stikbold! is a game about dodgeball but with a twist or two. Up to six players can play together, hurling dodgeballs, jellyfish, beehives and more at each other. “When we started making Stikbold!, the last thing we thought we would end up with was a quirky 70s inspired dodgeball game, … Read More »

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