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Wolfenstein : The New Order, met critical acclaim across the board netting over 75 Game of the Year awards, While everybody hoped it would be a great reboot of the franchise, nobody quite imagined it would be as good as it was. Rumours have been circulating about a new game being announced at E3, but today's news could make that much more or much less likely. Firstly Bethesda have announced Wolfenstein : The Old Blood, a new stand-alone prequel leading up to the events of 'The New Order'. And better still the release date is set for May 5th, over ... Read More »
Today in Warsaw, Poland it was announce by Techland that the second content drop, of the Dying Light season pass was to launch on the 10th March. The bundle is called ‘Ultimate Survivor’ and it brings people new outfits, like the Ninja, in where you can blend into your environment, the Urban Explorer, and become one with the environment, or the Special Agent, in which you look badass and can kill zombies with style. It also brings unique items to the quarantine zone, including blueprint of four one-of-a-kind weapons, named The Constable, The Night Club, Lacerator and Buzz Killer. The ... Read More »
Sega have today announced that their latest add on pack for Alien Isolation is now available. This is the fifth installment for the multi-award winning survival horror title.  This challenges players to compete against time across three petrifying new maps for the title's survivor mode. 'The Trigger' looks set to be the games most challenging add on so far. 'The Trigger' allows players to play the role of Sevastopol Station's Ricardo. With each new map, there will be alarming terrors around every corner and up every corridor. As you can expect, the creature is agile, quick and aggressive which in ... Read More »
DOH!!! Minecraft owners can now bring the residents of Springfield to life in The Simpsons Skin Pack. The new skin pack is available to download for £2.39 from the Xbox Store. The entire Simpsons family is available as well as 19 familiar faces from Springfield Elementary School. Full character list - Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Principal Seymour Skinner Mrs. Edna Krabappel Groundskeeper Willie Otto Mann Milhouse Van Houten Nelson Muntz Jimbo Jones Ralph Wiggum Martin Prince Kearney Dolph Wendell Database Üter Janey Powell Superintendent Gary Chalmers Mr. Dewey Largo Sherri Terri Watch the trailer ... Read More »
You’re stranded on a treacherous mountain ridge. You have no shelter and no immediate way off the mountain. You locate a camp, but you’ll have to fight to keep it. A strange (and deadly) cult is intent on taking it back and you’ll need to guard it from waves of enemies. All you want to do is survive but you start to realize something else is lurking in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains, something inhuman. Can you survive in the Valley of the Yetis? The new Far Cry 4 DLC will be released into the wild on March 10, ... Read More »
Yesterday we asked our community of gamers what their thoughts on achievements are and if their approach to the game was based on the achievements available, we got quite a response. We break down all the answers from the comments left by our community Does your playstyle for a game depend on the achievements that are available to unlock? The majority of gamers adjust their playstyle with unlocking achievements in mind, however there were some gamers who purely played for the fun of the game and were not too worried about adding to their gamerscore. To some though it is a ... Read More »
Fault One Zero skids on to the scene Ubisoft have announced their latest DLC is available to download from today (24th Feb 2015), from the Xbox Store to both the Xbox 360 & the Xbox One consoles. The latest DLC named "Fault One Zero" features 10 new tracks, 24 challenges and new objects for the track editor. The new content allows you to explore a futuristic city of megalopolis as you race through the holographic  cityscapes, testing facilities and retro gaming areas. How much will this cost? If you already have the season pass then you'll be pleased to know that ... Read More »
I know there are a lot of people out there who are super excited for the new DLC on GTA 5 - Heists, and now it's happily been announced that it will be released on the 10th March for consoles and 14th April for PC. “We know it’s been a wait, and appreciate your patience,” said Rockstar. “Heists will bring a brand new 4-player cooperative gameplay experience to GTA Online, giving players the chance to team up to pull off a string of intense, multi-part raids and robberies across Los Santos and Blaine County. Over the next couple of weeks, ... Read More »
Handsome Jack has never looked so.....handsome! Being released on the 27th March in the UK, The Handsome Collection is Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (including all DLC) bundled together all in stunning HD. For the first time ever in a Borderlands game there is also the option of a 4 player local split screen. Already have Borderlands 2 and/or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Xbox 360 and dont want to lose all your Badass Rank and levelled up characters? That's no problem thanks to the cross-save function, you can continue where you left off by transferring your save over to your ... Read More »

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