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The first DLC pack for Conan Exiles is now available and it brings with it the eastern kingdom of Khitai. The DLC , called The Imperial East Pack also gives you a whole host of new items and buildings for you to make use of. This new range of items include a range of weapons such as shield and Jian, Khitan Mace, Warclub and Khitan Quiang. All the items run along the same Khitan theme. As well as the new weapons there is also armour including Khitan Imperial armour, Officer armour and Mercenary armour. Funcom Creative Director, Joel Bylos had … Read More »

Destiny 2 hasn’t had the most welcoming life.  Coming hot off the heels of the success that was the first game, it came in an empty shell of everything Bungie should have learned from it’s player base.  Granted it’s selfish to think Destiny 2 would launch with as much as the original after it was out for 3 years but even has a huge fan of the series, I’ll admit it let us down.  Bungie has made it known that it plans to rebuild from the ground up in September, like they did with vanilla Destiny when they released The … Read More »

Some developers release a game and then forget about it. Not the people at Techland though. Over three years ago they released Dying Light and now they have released the latest piece of DLC, the Prison Heist Mode and it is totally free. Prison Heist mode takes place in Prison Land, a brand new location and is a timed challenge. It can be played both solo or in co-op mode. Your task is to beak into a prison and loot the armoury before the timer runs out. The faster you do it, the better the loot you get is. Simple. … Read More »

If you haven’t had enough of the shenanigans carried out by the boys from the Colorado town called South Park with The Fractured But Whole then Ubisoft have some good news for you. They have now announced that the latest piece of DLC, From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, will be released on March 20th. From Dusk Till Casa Bonita adds a whole new campaign and also a new class for you to play as. It is set in Casa Bonita, a restaurant that happens to be Cartman’s favourite place to eat. Unfortunately it has been taken over by a bunch … Read More »

Bethesda have announced the launch of the second piece of story DLC for the phenomenal Wolfenstein 2 (you can read our review of the main game here). This DLC goes by the name The Diaries of Agent Silent Death. This piece of DLC sees you playing as a lady who goes by the code name Agent Silent Death, her real name is Jessica Valiant. She is a former OSS agent and also an assassin, making her a deadly instrument. As she unravels a sinister plot she is inf Hollywood, in the offices of Paragon Pictures. At one time this was … Read More »

For some out there The Elder Scrolls Online has become something of a second life where events and relationships really matter. For others the MMORPG has become a nice place to visit and quest with friends from the comfort of your living room. For both groups however there has felt like there is something missing, something absent from this world. For some this thing has always been dragons. Well the wait may well be over. Very soon Update 17 will be landing in the game as well as the Dragon Bones DLC pack. In a tweet the developer gave us … Read More »

Let’s be honest, Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 wasn’t that great.  Mercury was beautiful and the raid lair was amazing but both of the new strikes are just repeats of the story missions and the story did nothing to really develop characters or really make you feel an real emotion on the security of Earth. With that though The Dawning is live and data miners have had a look through the update and we may have some good info on what the next expansion may bring us.  Let’s also remember that these leaks are just speculation without any confirmation … Read More »

So let’s face it, Bungie has messed up on the launch of Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2. It has been a general consensus with the player base that bungee has offered very little in this DLC and have locked too many casual things behind a paywall that were readily available in the first Destiny game as part of the regular experience. Outside of the amazing raid lair, there isn’t much else outside of very little story and more repetitive gameplay. Bungie is now though seeing their errors and trying to fix them as best they can. Today Destiny 2 … Read More »

Ubisoft is continuing to support its popular title, The Division and the latest update will arrive tomorrow, (Dec 5th). Ubisoft will be hosting a 24hr launch stream at twitch.tv/thedivisiongame starting at 12.30 CET. Below is everything that’s coming with the latest patch. New feature: West Side Pier West Side Pier is a completely new area accessible for all agents where two new game modes take place: ‘Resistance’ and ‘Skirmish’. In the zones, the enemy factions are teaming up to take the fight to the Division agents. The West Side Pier map stretches over two named zones: Piers North and Piers South. A new … Read More »

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