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Daily Missions HARD: General Assembly 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: Police Academy 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: WarrenGate Power Plant20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material Daily Assignments Combat: 10 Rikers Eliminated 10 PxC Crafting: 5 Fabric Collected 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 3 Division Tech Collected 7,500 Dz XP Daily HVT Officer Marconi - 5 Intel - 15 PxC Starman - 5 Intel - 15 PxC Kotowski - 10 Intel - 20 PxC Cpt. Mayor - 10 Intel - 20 PxC Dixon - 15 Intel - 25 PxC Brock Finster- 15 Intel - 25 PxC Weekly HVT Sgt. Kozak - ... Read More »

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Official Destiny Merchandise Giveaway

Destiny fan or know someone who is? If you answered yes then this one is for you. Thanks to YellowBulldog.com we have Official...

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