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Racers, on your marks. Gamers who have been playing backwards-compatible titles Grid 2, Dirt 3 and Dirt Showdown have, so far, been stuck inelegantly taking control of their sick rides with traditional Xbox One controllers. Since these games were first announced, fans have been crying out for wheel support, and while we always knew that Microsoft have been working on adding it, there was never any hint of when it would be unveiled. But all that changes with today's update. According to Xbox's community manager, Major Nelson: https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/763886284163067905 This is fantastic news for racing game enthusiasts – and reason Microsoft's technical wizardry is currently ... Read More »
I have good news and bad news and then more good news. The first lot of good news, there's a new game on the backwards compatibility list. The bad news, it's isn't Black Ops 1. The second lot of good news is it's DiRT Showdown and it's free so that's something. To download this for your Xbox One console simply head over to the Xbox store here. Now initially it may appear that they want to charge you full price however if you click where it says "Buy Game £11.99" it'll come up as free, simply select buy and then head to "My ... Read More »

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