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As teases go, it’s only a little one. A flirtations tickle, little more. But, as this is Battlefield 1, one of our favourite shooters of the moment, our interest is well and truly piqued by the brand-new fifteen-second trailer that joins a couple of pieces of concept art released last December. So, what exactly is being teased here? That would be the first major expansion to hit Battlefield 1 since launch. Entitled They Shall Not Pass, the expansion will feature all-new maps, new weapons, and the new playable French Army faction.  They Shall Not Pass will truly expand the theater of all-out war. Be ready. … Read More »

Every year the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences hosts the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (D.I.C.E.) Awards and this year represents its 20th anniversary.  This year’s D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony takes place on Friday, Feb. 24 at 3am. UTC, at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  The awards show will be co-hosted by Internet video and podcast Kinda Funny co-founder Greg Miller, and my future wife but don’t tell my real wife Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News.  The event will be live streamed from the live.interactive.org site for those who plan on staying up late.  The question is who is nominated … Read More »

When you’re good at video games you just know that you’re good but is it possible to be too good? According to Battlefield 1 you can be. Or to be more precise, the algorithm that controls its anti-cheating system can. Ever since Battlefield 3 EA and DICE have used a system called FairFight. This system uses an algorithm to compare the real time stats of a game with that of what it thinks an average player can achieve and if the results seem to out of the ordinary or exceptional then they can be deemed to be cheating. A flawless … Read More »

Guns, guns, guns. Without them, modern warfare would just be a lot of pushing and shoving. And Battlefield 1‘s guns are some of the meatiest, most believable around. We loved Battlefield 1 – and we think that it (more or less) nailed that delicate weapon balance in multiplayer from the off. We still hate shotguns though, and we can’t hit a barn door with the Martini-Henry. You might have a different opinion – and here’s your chance to have your say. DICE’s chief weapons designer has taken to Reddit to ask for any and all feedback about the guns of … Read More »

So it’s that time of year again. The excitement of Christmas day has passed and the family have all gone home. Things are getting back to normal except for one thing, you haven’t got work or school, for a little while at least, the hours are yours. So what do you do? Sit down and play your brand new games of course. And maybe, just maybe, one of those games is Battlefield 1. This is where your problems could begin. EA seem to be having a few problems with their servers at the moment. Some players are finding that they … Read More »

It appears like the folks at EA are channeling their inner Gandalf and announcing “They Shall not Pass!”  They Shall not Pass is the next expansion to hit Battlefield 1 in March of 2017.  Is this going to be some cool mix of Frodo flying in a zeppelin raining fire from above… of course not.  However that’s not to say there isn’t anything to look forward to.  EA hasn’t given a bunch of details on whats coming but here are some battles we know are coming that may equate over to multiplayer maps as well: Battle of Verdun: Massive forest … Read More »

In certain dark places on the internet you will here it said of Battlefield that it is a tactical war simulator, and this may well be true. But sometimes, even in a tactical war simulation you need to let loose a little and just face off with people in close quarters. We understand this and so do the people at DICE. The developer has launched a new game mode for the phenomenally popular Battlefield 1. The new game mode is called Eye To Eye and its a faced paced game mode where you can only use shotguns so you can … Read More »

It was always going to happen, wasn’t it? Because it’s Battlefield 1. EA and DICE’s WWI shooter has been declared as the best selling video game of October – that’s not bad going, considering the game dropped on October 21st. Here’s how the October charts look – see anything surprising? Battlefield 1 Mafia 3 Gears of War 4 FIFA 17 NBA 2K17 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim WWE 2K17 Civilization 6 Titanfall 2 Madden NFL 17 These don’t include digital sales, but check out Xbox/W10 exclusive Gears of War 4 hitting such a high point in the charts, and beating … Read More »

Battlefield 1 is already staking a claim to be one of the best selling and most popular shooters of all time. In a time where shooters seem to have become focused on jump packs, future warfare and alien or zombie enemies Battlefield 1 has taken a step back in time to some of history’s darkest moments. The decision of the developers to go back to the era of World War 1 has proven to be an extremely prudent one, with both the campaign and multiplayer aspect garnering positive reactions across the board. In an effort to ensure that Battlefield 1’s … Read More »

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