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Dishonored 2, Beaches and Death All Around

Dishonored 2, set to be released sometime in Q1/Q2 next year will not take us back to the rainy city of Dunwall. This time we’re going to the “Jewel of the South”- Karnaca. While Dunwall was somewhat styled after Scotland, Karnaca is the straight opposite, going more to the area of Greece and Italy with a warm, sunny climate with beaches all around. Here’s a video where Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith discuss more about the game and the new location of Karnaca.   As stated, Dishonored 2 will take us to a warmer climate so don’t forget to pack the suncream … Read More »

Dev talks on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

In a video released from Gamescom, developers Jean-Francois Dugas and Patrick Fortier working on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided sat down and answered some questions asked by the community as well as giving us some updates on what to expect in the game. Some features will include: Customizable UI New game+ mode More balanced playstyle with different ways to play the game Inventory managment SmartVision will be able to locate loot Weapons will be customizable on the go. These are just a few of the things available in the coming game, the full dev-talks can be seen in the video here … Read More »

Latest Competition

Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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