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Actually, the phrase he uses is "piss-coloured". Executive art director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and now Mankind Divided, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête recently spoke to OXM on the art style for the new game. “So HR [Human Revolution] was all about the enlightenment era of Transhumanism, which is where our black and gold palette came from, right? It was because black and gold was very much like Renaissance paintings. Now the world is more afraid of Transhumanism – so our gold and black palette has taken a back step with it. The new order is this corporate feudalism thing, so now the influence is ... Read More »
Coming straight out of Gamescom, these brand new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided images hit the just right ratio of not-giving too-much-away/making-you-wish-you-had-the-game-already. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Admittedly, a trailer to complement the new shots would have would built up the anticipation for the game's release in early 2016 even more, but you can always watch the E3 gameplay demo again. Do check out the news that you can defeat bosses via conversation  in Mankind Divided too, if you haven't already. For more Gamescom news, as well as reviews, competitions and articles, join Xbox One UK's Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos ... Read More »

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