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Okay, this will probably divide opinion, but we're going to go out there and say it: the Japanese Destiny: The Taken King live action trailer is better than Bungie's. Sure, it might not have the same CGI effects as the earlier trailer but it's exactly what we've been through when trying to get others to play Destiny or are persuaded to play it ourselves. Armour included. (And we know it's a trailer made by PlayStation. Just trust us.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsmZ1Qu7x34 Destiny: The Taken King is out 15th September. Do you think this trailer is better than Bungie's? Or perhaps you'd like to outline ... Read More »
"Evil's Most Wanted" is the trailer's title, and although it's mostly just to get you hyped for the upcoming The Taken King expansion it's a fun watch. The Led Zeppelin accompaniment is a win, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpDLxs8z08A Destiny: The Taken King launches 15th September. There's been lots of news for the expansion of late, such as the new Crucible Mercy Rule, new weapons, and what the 2.0 patch has introduced. For more news, reviews, competitions and articles, join Xbox One UK's Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check out our YouTube and ... Read More »

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