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With The Taken King's new raid going up last Friday (18th) it didn't take that long for someone to beat it. Bungie was quick to interview the six champions. The people scoring the place as world first to take down the Taken King Oryx were: Broman, Gothalion, Teawrex, FallingCow (aka Gunny), Rebelize and Charionna. Here's what they had to say: Congratulations on earning World First for King's Fall. How did you go about selecting the Raiders in your party? Broman:  The folks on our team are all longtime friends or brothers for me! I've been playing with Gothalion and Teawrex since ... Read More »
So we recently reported yesterday that The Taken King’s raid won’t be available on launch day because that's what Luke Smith said who is the expansion’s director he confirmed this at PAX Prime to IGN. But with all these so called rumours going around. Bungie Tweeted this a few hours ago. So Launch day? Well hot on the heels of launch as they say. So there we have it. Get ready for a Raid on Launch day or almost hot on the heels of launch.  . Thanks Bungie! I'm sure your happy to see and hear this. We sure are! Just over 2 ... Read More »

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