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So next Tuesday we will see the release of Destiny's biggest expansion since the Taken King dropped last year. And with a week to go until release we are already seeing leaked footage of the game-play we can expect to see when the expansion drops into orbit on the 20th. Over the course of 3 videos we are introduced to a mission to capture the Vostok Observatory. Each video is roughly 1-2 minutes long and naturally these videos will contain SPOILERS. Part 1 https://youtu.be/cEQgUcIAhcI The first video shows our player fighting his way up a mountain side before taking on some Fallen ... Read More »
Destiny’s next Weekly & Nightfall Strike leaked According to Megaman, next week’s Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strike will be the Cerberus Vae III Strike, featuring Valus Ta’aurc. Next week won’t feature any particular burn, Making things more difficult in leu of an elemental burn are the addition of Juggler, Lightswitch, and Angry. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll face in the Nightfall Strike: Epic Nightfall Lightswitch Angry Juggler   Also if you don't aready know Xer Agent of the Nine can be located near the Balcony to the right of the Speaker, which can be found in the left area of ... Read More »

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