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With Destinys last big DLC – Destiny: Rise of Iron having recently been released, what’s next for the Destiny franchise? Well in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year you’ll already know about Destiny 2. And thanks to the release of ROI, the rumour mill has now begun churning out rumours about the upcoming sequel. So what’s happening? Well, it seems that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC this time round. It seems that all available info (posts/rumours and sources) are all in agreement, with the general consensus being that this is down to destiny no … Read More »

Concept art for what looks like Destiny 2 has been leaked by artist Aziz Dosmetov through one of his reels. The sequel of Destiny is supposed to launch in 2017, and these images have piqued my interest enough to possibly get back into the game. Bungie and Activision have not released any statements regarding these images, which means that this is unconfirmed concept art. Considering that Dosmetov has previously worked on Destiny: The Taken King, I’d say that these are pretty reliable images. Even if this doesn’t end up being the exact look that Destiny 2 ends up with, these are a … Read More »

In a non-announcement that surprises no-one, Destiny 2 will NOT launch in September 2016. Woah, there, let’s rewind a little! Destiny 2 was supposed to be coming this September? Says who? Not Bungie? No, not Bungie, and not Activision, either. Not directly. But last September, amidst the court battle between Bungie and their long-time composer, Marty O’Donnell, documents were released to the court that laid out Bungie’s long-term plans for the franchise. These indicated that disc-based sequels were planned every two years until 2019. Now, bear with us here: the documents – when released to the  court – were already out of date, … Read More »

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