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Earlier today we gave you a general overview of what you could expect to see in the newest patch for Destiny. Now that the update is live and the Patch Notes have been revealed we can really get into the nitty gritty of things. All Patch Notes are taken from the official Bungie Destiny Update post. This is pretty lengthy and if you aren't that interested in all the little numbers we suggest checking out our Overview post from earlier today HERE. Light Legendary and Exotic drops from many sources now attempt to drop with Attack or Defense greater than ... Read More »
Destiny's April 12 update will be bringing the games version to 2.2.0 and will be the biggest update since the Taken King DLC last September, and that was seven months ago. Coming with the update is new loot, activities, armour, the return of year-one exotics and much much more. In this post we'll be giving you the low down of everything and anything to do with Destiny 2.2.0. New PvE Challenges PvE challenges are really Destiny's brad and butter and while you've got your usual rehashing in some areas you've also got the inclusion of a new quest line, two ... Read More »

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