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Major Nelson has announced that they will be pushing a new dashboard update sometime today, bringing with it a host of new features. If you're an Xbox Insider receiving the preview updates, regardless of which ring you're in, you should by now be familiar with these updates that everyone should now receive. Here are the four major features to be included in today's update: Custom Gamerpics Mixer Co-streaming Controller Auto Sign-in User-generated Tournaments Custom gamerpics, a highly anticipated feature, will allow you to change your gamerpic to any picture you desire either by uploading directly from the Xbox itself, or ... Read More »
During that fateful 2013 Xbox One revel a big deal was made about all of the multimedia features, especially regarding watching TV. One of the main features shown to us was the snap mode, a feature that allowed you to use an app or tool while at the same time still watch what you were originally watching. Well finally this feature will be no more. Mike Ybarra, the head of platform engineering at Xbox has announced that they will be getting rid of the feature with the big new update that is coming. We replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce ... Read More »
Recently the good people at Microsoft have been working on the Windows 10 Creators Update for the Xbox platform. With this creators update will come some changes and we have got wind of what some of these changes could be. First off is some changes to Cortana. At the moment she is currently very similar to the Windows 10 version but recently Microsoft has been fiddling with her on different platforms and some of these little changes could be coming to the Xbox. The most significant changes will come to the interface itself. One of the biggest redesigns coming will ... Read More »
The Xbox One experience is ever-evolving, with some drastic changes being made over the three years. And whilst Preview members have been toying around with today's features, it's finally time for them to roll out to everyone. Major Nelson announced today that the Holiday Update will now be available to all Xbox One users. This update will include a host of new features across Xbox One and the Xbox App, with the intent of improving the social aspect on Xbox Live. Here's what you'll be able to use: You want to meet like minded gamers who share your passion for ... Read More »
In an effort to further incorporate features from True Achievements into the Xbox Dashboard, we'll soon be getting an "Achievement Rarity" tracker. Revealed on Major Nelson's podcast in an interview with Mike Ybarra and Scott Henson, Achievement Rarity is basically a way to congratulate you on obtaining those special achievements that only a few people in the world have earned. Let's say for example, the upcoming Dead Rising remaster has the 7 Day Survivor Achievement, which requires you to... survive for 7 days. That was a hard achievement back in the day and more than likely to be rare now, ... Read More »
The Gamerscore leaderboard, which compares your achievements with those of your friends, is getting a makeover – and today, we got our first sneak-peek at how it’s going to look in future. Today, Xbox’s Mike Ybarra tweeted out the new look GS leaderboard. And it’s very different from the small tab that originally took up about a 1/10th of the screen size. https://twitter.com/XboxQwik/status/770288646951874561 It’s looks a lot sleeker, and fits the Windows 10 theme, with its clean black, grey and white stylings. It’s also a lot more visual than the original, which featured a simple list of players; here we ... Read More »
Her arrival draws nearer. Cortana, one of the centrepieces of the Windows 10 experience has been long-promised to launch on Microsoft’s console – and now it seems her time is coming. Spotted by keen-eyed Reddit user, Lenobis, we see the familiar Xbox One dashboard (belonging to none other than Microsoft’s community dude, Major Nelson). But take a look what’s lurking in the bottom right corner... Now we can a message that reads: Ready to meet Cortana? Get started with the new Xbox voice experience. That experience will allow anyone with a Kinect or headset mic to control their Xbox with ... Read More »
We're pretty on-the-ball here at XboxOneUK, but here are a couple of new features that sort of snuck past us recently. Finally - a sensible place for Use a Code Kinect was great. "Xbox, use a code" and up it popped, ready to read a barcode or for you to input those 25 characters. But if you didn't have a Kinect it was a frustrating search to find the option - the location for which seemed to change with every Preview build! Well, now it's front and centre in the Games section of the Store. There it is, on the ... Read More »
I'm pretty organised, pretty neat. My colleagues here at XboxOneUK have another word for it, but I won't share that here. Nonetheless, if something can't be organised, sorted, or filed, I get... twitchy. Not haul-off-and-bludgeon-my-coworkers-twitchy, just a bit... difficult to live with. So this Tweet, in which Xbox Live's Major Nelson shows a video where he rearranges his Xbox One pinned games and apps, was like a soothing blanket to me, like the sweet caress of Martine McCutcheon dipped in Galaxy chocolate. https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/692000352598564864 As Larry explains, this feature will be coming in a future Xbox One system update (at the moment all you ... Read More »

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