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With patch 1.02 expected to arrive next week, agents who have kept their ear to the ground probably already know -hopefully – what to expect in terms of changes to parts of the game. Just to recap, The Dark Zone should have some improvements to better-promote pvp and a tease from Hamish Bode (community developer) at possible additions already. But with nearly 4 game days played now (no competition, I’ve seen some of you with over 7!) I thought I’d express what these changes are hoped to be as well as others that could be introduced in the games natural … Read More »

What level are you in The Division? Whatever you are, you’re probably not going to beat Reddit user Chammer88, who has blitzed through The Division’s Dark Zone to reach Rank 99. The servers for Ubisoft’s record-breaking franchise had only been officially been live for 130 hours before The Cham-meister finally hit the peak. Outside of the Dark Zone, the level cap is set to 30. Even reaching that point takes time and skill, although unlike the Dark Zone, you can’t lose experience points when you’re killed. So Cham’s achievement is even more impressive.     Chammer88 – whose plays under the … Read More »

The Division is set for changes to the way in which PvP in The Dark Zone works. Apparently Ubisoft are currently unhappy with how engaging it is to go rogue and fight other players in the DZ. They therefore intend to change how much EXP you lose for dying with rogue status when killed by other agents in the DZ. The hope is that this will encourage players to attack each other more often and heighten that sense of insecurity whilst playing in the DZ. On top of this, Ubisoft has also said it has no plans to nerf the … Read More »

Some good news has recently come out regarding the longevity of The Division and it’s fabled “Dark Zone”… Normally, players are meant to explore the Dark Zone from South to North, with the zone throwing tougher and tougher challenges the further North you travel, but once you hit Level 30, everything changes. In an interview with VG24/7, creative director Magnus Jensen let slip how the zone changes at the maximum level: “One of the cool things we do is that once you hit the max level – level 30 – suddenly the whole Dark Zone re-populates with all-new content and … Read More »

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