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Human: Fall Flat is a physics based puzzle platformer all about a human falling flat. A lot. More than pretty much any other game. Whether it be tripping off of ledges or as a result of being smacked around, needless to say, you’ll be doing a lot of falling. Each level challenges players to find creative solutions to progress through the area using the objects around you, the laws of physics and a bit of initiative. The left and right trigger controls your left and right hand respectively, allowing you to grab onto objects in the environment. Initially, you’ll be … Read More »

A bond between father and daughter is something rather special. A bond between child and dog is also quite unique. Pewter Games’ The Little Acre shows us the true meaning of the relationship between parent, child and dog, as it sends us on a humorous, heart-warming journey to find a father missing between two worlds. The first thing you notice upon loading up the game is the beautiful and lovingly-crafted hand drawn animation, inspired by classic animated films like The Land Before Time, An American Tail, and All Dogs Go To Heaven, to name a few. These are unmistakeably films … Read More »

Hue – the attribute of a colour by virtue of which it is discernible – is our protagonist in this simple yet mind-bending puzzle platformer from established independent publisher Curve Digital and developer Fiddlesticks. Hue – appropriately enough – is bringing colour back into a world of black and grey. Little Hue must explore this strange, monochromatic landscape, using his special relationship with colour to progress through each level and unlock the world’s secrets. Hue’s world might be shades of grey, but as he explores he unlocks the ability to perceive colour – and each new colour is added to his palette. By switching colours … Read More »

Not everything in this world is black and white. There are a lot of grey areas around and even some bright colours thrown in as well. This is certainly the case for developer Fiddlesticks upcoming game Hue. Hue is the story of Hue, a boy who’s mother has disappeared and who must go and solve the mystery. As you go along and find clues to solve the puzzle Hue’s colour perception begins to change and he develops the ability to manipulate the colours of the world around him. This means that he can uncover new, hidden areas meaning that the … Read More »

Sometimes your just getting on with your very normal life and then out of nowhere death befalls you, and this can really put a crimp in your social life. This is exactly what happens to Sam in Perfectly Paranormal and Curve Digital’s upcoming game Manual Samuel. But don’t feel too bad for Samuel, for him death is not the end. Upon meeting Death himself Sam is given a choice, live completely manually for twenty four hours or have his soul tormented in hell for entirety. Not really a choice at all, the only problem been that living manually means Samuel … Read More »

Some Games are made for everyone, others are made for only a few. These games are hard in ways that stretch the imagination, these games are only for those who call themselves hardcore. 10 Second Ninja is one of these games. Luckily for those who feel themselves tough enough to face the challenge developer Four Circle Interactive and publisher Curve Digital have announced that 10 Second Ninja X will be coming to the Xbox One. You will not only get the original 40 levels, players will also be treated to 60 new levels. Each level challenges players to complete them … Read More »

Time to rad out with this BMX rider beauty We all had a dream as a kid to be able to do amazing stunts and tricks on a BMX bike, I know I did and I still have the stunt pegs to prove it. So how amazing is it that’Pumped BMX +’ is heading over to Xbox One on the 18th of September, that’s enough time to dig out the crash helmet and knee pads. You need to ride your way through levels that increase in difficulty the further you progress, plus you need to strut your skills by flipping … Read More »

Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital have announced that the unique sci-fi adventure game Nova-111 will be available next week on Xbox one with a 20 per cent launch discount on console formats for the first 2 weeks of release. Nova-111 is a quirky sci-fi adventure game that utilises both turn-based strategy and real time situations to solve puzzles and fight hordes of alien lifeforms. Players take control of research vessel Nova and must explore a twisted turn-based world ravaged by real time to rescue the 111 scientists lost in the aftermath of the universes greatest science experiment. The Story Once upon … Read More »

The Swindle, a steampunk cybercrime caper, is a game now available at the Xbox Store. The game is simply about breaking in to buildings, (that are all randomly generated which means you will never play the same thing twice) hacking computers and stealing all possible cash and run away before the police can catch you. When not on a heist, you spend your time in outer space at your airship, where you can upgrade and modify your thief’s skills and tools, allowing you to break into even bigger buildings filled with even more cash. The game is available now at … Read More »

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