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Guardians have been well acquainted with a couple constants in Destiny's PvP mode known as the Crucible.  Names such as Matador 64 and Party Crasher +1 are a constant memory that things aren't perfect when playing against others online.  We throw the term "overpowered" around like it's needed for survival right beside water and oxygen.  However, it's more a cause of the way Destiny needs to be played right now.  Shotguns and along side them, melee attacks, have about the same range and can easily take you out in a split second.  Pair that up with the lack of damage a primary ... Read More »
Guardians were treated to a bunch of new news about Destiny and it's developer Bungie that shed more light about their upcoming event on December 13th known as The Dawning.  There was also some more information about some changes to the current matchmaking settings in the Crucible.  Bungie also announced a new partnership with another studio. In the weekly "This Week at Bungie" Destiny community manager Deej talked about some of the changes that are coming in patch 2.5 that will come with the Dawning event.  First off the event goes live at 6pm UTC on Tuesday 13 December.  When ... Read More »
Anyone who has ever stepped inside of Destiny's PVP arena known as the Crucible has felt the wrath of a particular weapon and thought to themselves - "man that gun seems overpowered."  You might be right because in a world that encourages character builds based on perks and abilities, it's easy for things to get out of whack.  As someone who has played Destiny since day 1 I can attest to a ton of profanity that has been thrown by me towards my TV constantly dying to particular weapons.  Destiny is much more balanced now than it ever has been. ... Read More »
The Destiny April update is imminent and looming just over the horizon and Bungie has teased more information on the contents of the update in their April Update Preview of Crucible and Sandbox changes. Among the many changes planned for the game, there are a few stand-outs to say the least. Bungie has made alterations to revives and ammunition availability in PvP in particular, demonstrated in a controlled environment of Warlocks doing Science! Revives have been altered to require players to be closer to the downed teammate's ghost and it will take slightly longer for the revive to be performed. In ... Read More »
Another week, another update from our friends in the Tower, Bungie, but just like last week, there's nothing huge to report. Anyone interested in what goes into the development of Destiny would be interested in the new Twitch series Bungie started this week, talking to the team that helped to create the Dreadnaught. Next week sees the turn of the audio team, and they promised last week to use this show to outline the content roadmap to improving PvE, but that comes later. The other news comes from a change to the Crucible matchmaking system. Senior Director Derek Carroll outlined ... Read More »
Destiny's matchmaking system has been the target of much player scrutiny in recent times. Bungie have struggled to match players with other similar skill level players who also have a good connection. On February 2nd a message detailing a new matchmaking system that Bungie would be trying out was posted on their website. The aim of the new system is to match players with good connections whilst keeping the games competitive. After reading some of the feedback on the post it would seem players are still not happy with Bungie's reluctance to remove Skill Based Matchmaking from their system. What ... Read More »
In celebration of Valentine's Day, Destiny unveiled the new Crimson Doubles mode in Crucible. The game mode consists of 2v2 deathmatches and can offer players a Valentine's themed Ghost Shell that can max out at a 320 light level regardless of whether a player wins or loses. And that's the key: you can get this gift just by completing the match, leading gamers to find a new way to get that sweet 320 Ghost. Guardians have been found flinging themselves off cliffs in an effort to finish matches quickly and farm gear. The similarities to Romeo and Juliet during this ... Read More »
So recently an image (which can be seen below) has surfaced on our friend, the internet, of Bungie game designer Lars Bakken playing a new game mode called Crimson Doubles in a private test build, which as the name suggests is usually used to test new game modes before their release to the general public. Now what this game mode could be and what it will feature is anyone's guess, and please be my guest to speculate and drop your thoughts in the comments for me to ponder. Something that will be worth bearing in mind when giving thought to this ... Read More »
Bungie have released some details about one of the ways they are trying to improve your Crucible experience. Below are the details explaining one of new features: the Mercy Rule - "The Crucible is no place for mercy!" -Lord Shaxx Ever had your ass kicked so hard in the Crucible that you just wanted the painful ordeal to come to an end? If you stuck it out to the post-game carnage report, we salute you. If you quit the match to spare yourself the agony of defeat, you became a data-point in our vast matrix of "player behavior." In keeping with our ... Read More »

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