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Publisher Electronic Arts is continuing to make Visceral’s Battlefield Hardline downloadable content free – and this time it’s the turn of Criminal Activity. This DLC – normally priced at a penny under twelve pounds sterling, includes four fast-paced new maps – Code Blue, Backwoods, The Beat and Black Friday – littered with small-time robberies and stick-ups. There’s a new Bounty Hunter game mode where you take down your foes and collect their bounty coins, as well as four new weapons, two new weapon attachments, one new gadget, two new rides and six new masks. For a limited time, Xbox Live Gold Members can … Read More »

“The cops forget – we own these streets. Sometimes, you gotta remind them.” So says the tommy-gun loading crim at the beginning of Battlefield Hardline’s first major DLC reveal trailer, which shows off some of the guns, cosmetics and maps you can wage your mini wars with when ‘Criminal Activity’ releases for early access in June. Given the various subscriptions EA provide, for their games and Battlefield specifically, it would be surprising if “early access” didn’t mean “available first to those who’ve subscribed”. There’s no set release date, however, so it’s wait and see for now. For more news, reviews and competitions, be … Read More »

Rabbit heads and gorilla masks, other than being the title of my next concept album, are part of six new masks available in Battlefield Hardline’s first big DLC, entitled “Criminal Activity”. Of course, there is much more than just masks! Check out the official line on it all below. There’s been a recent uptick in reports in the local precincts – a rash of violent crime that is seemingly connected somehow. Small crews of well-trained, aggressive criminals have been using force of arms to terrorize the citizenry and are in direct conflict with the police in many cases.  Public property … Read More »

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