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Anyone who has used a Windows 10 computer may have played around with Cortana and her array of voice commands. Cortana can be used to call a cab through Uber, send a tweet to Twitter, and a bunch of other things that are not available on the Xbox One.  Ever since Cortana has been added to the console, there has been some push back from the community.  Many people still want the traditional Xbox commands we had when the system first launched.  After playing with Cortana on Xbox One, it personally feels slightly better than the original but that is … Read More »

Cortana’s great. We love Cortana. Whether she’s helping out the Chief of telling me that I’ll need an umbrella tomorrow, she’s one useful AI. Her voice recognition skills (and general ability to tell us poetry) are very much improved over the standard Xbox One voice controls. But… she’s not quite as snappy as we’d like when it comes to grabbing that screenshot or recording that perfect headshot, for example. If you’d like to turn Cortana off – which will revert your Xbox to regular voice commands – here’s how: Double tap the Xbox Guide button on your controller to bring up the … Read More »

Microsoft’s monster Anniversary Update is heading our way on Tuesday (which isn’t really Windows 10’s anniversary, but we’ll let that slide). But it seems Xboxers are getting the August update a little earlier than that. Some gamers have already reported getting the update on their machines, and now Microsoft have revealed precisely what to expect once it rolls out for every Xbox One owner. In addition to a handy video that gives you the lowdown on what’s heading to the console – including the much-anticipated Background Music and Cortana integration – the Xbox Support site has also listed everything else … Read More »

Microsoft won’t force you to use Cortana when the update is released next month. For those that use the Kinect for the voice commands and wish to stick to that, you will be given the ability to switch off Cortana. While early beta versions of Cortana for Xbox One were designed to disable Xbox commands once Cortana was enabled, Microsoft has pushed out an update that will allow users to disable the assistant and return to the old Xbox commands. The reason is because in the Preview version, Cortana was slow and cumbersome for those using the Kinect to control … Read More »

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or in a cave somewhere, you must have heard that a massive update is rolling out to preview members as we speak. One of the biggest additions is ‘Cortana’, the amazing and new personal assistant to help you out wherever and whenever. By simply saying “Hey Cortana”, we get her attention and can then give her a command. But the biggest question so far is ‘what commands will she listen to?’, well how about a handy list of commands to get you started – sounds good don’t you think? Feast your eyes … Read More »

Her arrival draws nearer. Cortana, one of the centrepieces of the Windows 10 experience has been long-promised to launch on Microsoft’s console – and now it seems her time is coming. Spotted by keen-eyed Reddit user, Lenobis, we see the familiar Xbox One dashboard (belonging to none other than Microsoft’s community dude, Major Nelson). But take a look what’s lurking in the bottom right corner… Now we can a message that reads: Ready to meet Cortana? Get started with the new Xbox voice experience. That experience will allow anyone with a Kinect or headset mic to control their Xbox with … Read More »

This summer will see Microsoft roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 customers, for free. Of course, as with all Windows 10 updates, we scoured the announcement for the most exciting and relevant Xbox One improvements. It seems as though Microsoft really are taking fans comments and suggestions seriously recently, first this week saw Left 4 Dead 2 find it’s way to Backwards Compatibility (as reported here) and now this update has more information sure to get Xbox One fans excited. Firstly, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will see back ground music reappear on a Microsoft console … Read More »

A few days ago we reported that the Xbox One Preview Program – which lets users test out upcoming updates on the own consoles – was once again taking on new participants. The only way to get into the program is with a code, or by invitation from someone who is already a preview member. The Preview Program dashboard app (which members use to invite new participants) is once again allowing invitations to be issued. According to Redditors, those who are already preview members – and those anxious to join the program – may have something to look forward to before … Read More »

‘Hey Cortana, how do I find you in the New Xbox One Experience?’. Well I’m not Cortana, but I can tell you how to access her on the new UI. Xbox recently announced that Cortana won’t arrive on Xbox One until 2016, but preview members using the update can access her now by going to the right area. Although Cortana is available, please keep in mind this is still in preview and can be a bit buggy. Step 1: From the main dashboard, scroll to the left hand side menu and then down to the settings menu. Step 2: From the settings menu, hover over … Read More »

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