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This year marks 20 years since we were first horrified by the zombies of Resident Evil. And to celebrate the anniversary, Capcom are gracing us with a gruesome, yet awesome-ly good package with the Collector's Edition of Resident Evil VII. Leaked by the retailer GameStop, the Collector's Edition includes: 5 Lithographs 3 Alternative covers for the games packaging A DLC code A Resident Evil 20th anniversary artbook A model of the Baker's mansion A 16GB memory stick modelled after a severed finger This slideshow requires JavaScript. This collection really is to die for. The memory stick is probably worth it ... Read More »
Sonic Mania’s seriously sweet collector’s edition package was previous an exclusive for North American gamers – but now it seems that players in Europe will also be able to get their Sonic-like gloved paws on this collection. The game itself, a side-scrolling platformer , is being billed a return to Sonic’s Mega Drive roots, from the art style and gameplay to the inclusion of ‘remixed’ levels from previous Sonic titles. Developed by Headcannon and PagodaWest Games, Sonic Mania may be the shot in the arm that the series needs – something publisher Sega must be hoping for, after a string ... Read More »
Collector’s editions are a big deal these days, coming complete with tons of goodies, like statuettes, books, and artwork that celebrate the game in question. And probably the single most important part of any good CE is… the game. But not for Battlefield 1. Amazon are offering an exclusive Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition that comes complete a 14” statuette, exclusive steel book, playing cards, a cloth poster (in case you get caught behind enemy lines) and DLC in a carrier pigeon tube. Essentially, then, everything you’d need to enter the spirit of the game and ape trench warfare in your ... Read More »
I was Born in 1981, an obviously excellent year if I do say so myself. One of my fondest memories as a child was going round my friend Theo's and playing DOOM and DOOM 2. Having grown up with the game I have a fondness for it, (even though in its history there have been a few poor versions of it brought out). Every time a new edition is brought out I'm always first in line to play it, and this time will be no exception; Nerdy fact: I have played every edition on every console and PC (UK Based only) and as such ... Read More »
Dark Souls 3 might be getting a pair of collector's editions, according to retailer listings for next year's action role-playing game, one of which runs nearly $500. According to Geekay Games, a video game retailer based in the United Arab Emirates, publisher Bandai Namco is soliciting Collector Edition and Prestige Edition versions of Dark Souls 3. As you will see below, both the collectors edition and the prestige edition come with a figurine based on the game, a cloth map, collector's edition packaging and other trinkets. The main difference between the two seems to be in the packaging and the size ... Read More »
Metal Gear Solid fans who purchased the collector's edition of Phantom Pain won't be disappointed as the blu-ray disc included contains significant plot points to the story. Without spoiling the story line the intended episode number 51: Kingdom of the Flies ,was added to the blu-ray disc and is told by half-finished storyboards and cut scenes. The episode is fully voiced and provides links between the other Metal gear solid games. The episode gives a insight into the motivation of Snake and Big Boss. Don’t forget, you can always like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow us on ... Read More »
E3 has been on all week and the news has been constantly pouring out with amazing new games and experiences. However if you look outside the E3 media cloud you will find that not everything is as amazing as it seems. Earlier today Warner Brother's games decided to cancel the release of the Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile Edition which would have come with a model of the Dark Knight's Batmobile from the game. Yesterday morning people who Pre Ordered the game from Game in the UK received a message telling them that due to quality concerns the Batmobile edition has been ... Read More »
Last night at their E3 Media Briefing Bethesda dropped the bomb on a whole lot of Fallout 4 information including the release date and a whole lot of gameplay. Another piece of information that was released was the reveal of the inevitable collectors edition and this time it's a bit more mobile. The Fallout 4 collectors edition is called The Pip-Boy Edition. This slideshow requires JavaScript. From reading the name of course you can tell that the main attraction of the piece is a replica of the famous Pip-Boy from Fallout lore. That's not all though when coupled with the ... Read More »
Time to tee off with new features and an all-new Season Mode The Golf Club Collector’s Edition hits one straight down the middle with gamers today who have eagerly awaited the award-winning title’s new installment. We can look forward to a new Season Mode featuring five complete Tour levels, a brand new Tropical Theme to add to the already massive eight existing environments and a cool collectible e-book with course design insights from expert golfers. This hole in one game brings breath taking detail and a realistic golfing experience to your Xbox One, time for the tartan trousers to be brought out. The ... Read More »

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