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Unravel was announced to the world at E3 last year, a puzzle-platformer based in locales from developer Coldwood Interactive's native Sweden and featuring a protagonist so loveable you can buy Valentine's cards with him on. Martin Sahlin, the man who brought Yarny on-stage and Creative Director at Coldwood Interactive, kindly agreed to an email interview which covered meaning, emotion and Sweden, and much more. XOUK: Firstly, how did you get into game design? Martin Sahlin: I got into game development almost by accident. I always liked making computer art, and I eventually sort of stumbled into this CGFX school, where I happened to meet the founders of ... Read More »
The power of cuteness prevails A few days ago news broke out that 'Unravel' was already in use and this indie sweetie might have to change the name (click here for the details), not anymore though to the relief of many - especially EA and Coldwood Interactive. It all looks a bit confusing unless you are in the know with these things, let's see if we can unravel the story of 'Unravel': EA submitted the trademark 'Unravel' The trademark was refused as 'Unravel' is already in use as a board game by SimplyFun SimplyFun's trademark covers board games; games, namely, educational ... Read More »
Coldwood Interactive and EA are set to release their latest project, Unravel next month and to tease us a little bit more they have released a new trailer which shows what the inspiration for the lovable Yarny really was. Creative Director Martin Sahlin has shed some light on the beautiful story that was the inspiration for Yarny, the main character in this incredible looking physics based platform game. The story is both emotional and endearing, showing us that Yarny using is own red thread to traverse his world is a metaphor for the thread that binds us all together. Unravel ... Read More »

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